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Why you need an After Work Routine and how to make one

There's a ton out there about morning and evening routines, but one routine I've implemented that's been soooo helpful is an after-work/school routine.

An after-work routine is the key to actually enjoying your evening free time without worrying about getting the house or apartment in order. Today I'm sharing my after-work routine and giving you some tips for how to create your own.

Why you need an After-work Routine

How you spend the first five minutes home can really set your attitude for the whole evening. It's hella tempting to drop your bags, instantly jump into PJs, and just veg out on the couch. But an evening routine can really keep you organized and ready for the next day.

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If you're going to implement one routine (morning, evening or after-work) I think the after-work one is the best place to start. If we're being honest, I never wake up early enough to complete my entire morning routine perfectly and by the time the evening rolls around I'm too tired to really get anything done.

My After-work Routine

I use my after-work routine to prep my gym bag for the next day, tidy up the apartment and think about tomorrow. The first thing I do is drop off my bag, toss trash I've accumulated throughout the day, put dirty gym clothes in the hamper, repack my gym bag for tomorrow and hang it on my door.

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The second half of my routine is all about tidying up the apartment. It's taken some self-training to become a tidy person, and it's routines like this that help me get there.

The final part of my routine is starting dinner (if I'm cooking) and changing from my work clothes. You can see my entire routine to the right.

Tips for Creating your Routine

While copying mine is a great place to start, your routine really needs to fit your life and schedule. Some of these things my not apply to you, and that's totally okay. Here are some things to consider when creating yours.

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The first thing you should do is put away your bag

Whether you carry a purse or a backpack every day, find a home for it and drop it there as soon as you get home. I use a jumbo command hook in my office to hold my daily bags so I don't have to go hunting for them on my way out the door

If you remember, clean trash and receipts out of your bag. Most stores can look up your receipt by your debit card, so just trash them. This makes it easy to put things in your bag so you know you won't forget them.

Make a point of tidying up

Tidying up is one of those things that can easily get away from you. Doing a little bit each day means you can actually enjoy your tidy apartment and you don't have to spend your entire Saturday cleaning up.

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I run my dishwasher over night but never have time to empty it in the morning. That means the best time for me to empty it is right before doing dinner. I also clean and put away my lunch bag to get ready for tomorrow. This way I have a clean kitchen before I start cooking (and getting it even messier)

Don't change clothes until you're done for the night

As soon as my shoes and slacks come off I'm in chill mode. That's why I don't change into lounge clothes until I've gotten through my after-work routine. It's a small mental signal that I'm on my own time and have an excuse to play animal crossing all evening.


After-work routines are super helpful to because you're not too exhausted right before bed, or running late in the morning. They're a way to stay on top of house work and enjoy your free time. What things are in your after-work routine? Comment below!

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  1. I think the "little bit each day" approach to tidying up is actually a great idea I've never really thought of! It's so true that if we pile it all onto one single day, we're more likely to procrastinate and never get around to actually getting it done.
    This is a really good post! I'm in love with your blog; your content is right up my alley! (I'm taking design in my major too! Haha) It'd be wonderful if we can follow each other on Bloglovin maybe? Let me know <3
    Have a nice week!

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

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