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How to Find a new Hobby

As much as I hate to admit it, Twitter is not a hobby. While you may be thinking hobbies are for people with free time they actually pretty important. They can help you de-stress, turn you into a life-long learner and even beef up your resume in some cases.

Hobbies might make you think of stamp collecting or some equally lame and pointless task, but maybe it's just the word that has that "I'm an old lady" connotation, but don't be intimidated. The important thing is to find something you enjoy doing.

Get rid of Expectations

One reason a lot of people are nervous about starting a blog or a Youtube channel is because they're already thinking about the long term. Go into your hobby without tons of pressure to be good at it. Actually plan on being really bad at it. You're doing it because it's fun, remember, so lose the expectations.

The year I took up Knitting I was determined to make scarves for everyone in my family by December. So every time I took up my knitting I was worried about how many more scarves I needed to make. I didn't finish one damn scarf that year because I set my expectations too high. 

Think about what you do on the weekends

There's a pretty good chance you already know what you enjoy doing. Say you spend every weekend watching Youtube Videos, try making them yourself. Or maybe reading, try writing. Or going out with friends, learn to mix cocktails.

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If you're more of a social person look around for Groupons for classes. These are a great way of trying something new without committing to a month-by-month plan at a gym or studio.

What do you want out of your hobby EVENTUALLY?

Lots of hobbies have extra benefits besides helping you relax. For example I've made some money blogging, gotten to meet tons of cool internet friends, and learned coding and writing. I also do Crossfit, which helps me stay healthy and boost my confidence all around.

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If you know going into a hobby you're just looking for a way to relax, or you want to meet new people it can help guide you in choosing things. While it's important to not have expectations those ideal scenarios are good to remember when choosing a new hobby.

Do some research before dropping money

When I started Crossfit earlier this year it was really tempting to drop a ton of money on new workout clothes and special shoes. But wait until you need something to actually buy it. Some hobbies like knitting require a little bit of start up, but do some research and get the very basics.

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If you keep up with the hobby and find yourself needing some special tool the great, budget for and buy it. But don't waste your money on new supplies if you switch hobbies really often.

For example, a while back ago I wanted to start brush lettering and was convinced I needed like fifty Tombow markers. I decided to wait and ended up just getting some Crayolas markers and two Tombows. And it's a good thing because I would've completely wasted my money on those fancy markers.

It's ok to switch often

Once I figured out how to play guitar pretty well, I didn't enjoy it as much, same with knitting, and running. For most of my hobbies through adolescence I didn't stay with them for more than a year. For me, once I stopped learning it stopped being fun.

Also it will take time to figure out what you really like to do, so don't feel bad about giving up or putting something away for a while.


Hobbies are a great way to chill out, build your resume, and be an all around cooler person. It's ok to try lots of different things before figuring out what you really like to do. What are some of y'alls hobbies? Comment below!

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