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First Kitchen Essentials

When I moved into my first apartment I had no clue what I actually needed to get to feed myself and my boyfriend. It's really easy to waste a bunch of money on things you think you need and end up not using. Today I'm sharing the some kitchen basics to look for when stocking your first apartment.

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Basic Pot & Pan Set & Cooking Utensils

It may be tempting to get a really nice pot and pan set, but let's be honest you're not likely to need a TON of different pots and pans. Go for a set of nonstick because they're the easiest to clean. A simple set like this can get you through about 90 percent of your daily cooking needs.

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With non-stick it's SUPER important to use wooden or plastic utensils so you don't scratch up the surface. This set is a good one and has most of what you'll need for regular cooking. If you do any baking you may need a few others like a wisk and spatula.

Utensils you can probably skip include a meat mallet, potato masher and garlic press. Wait until you see what you actually need before dishing out for a set.

Coffee Set up

Before jumping and getting a Keureg look into a french press and electric kettle. We have one at work and it makes probably the best cup of coffee I've ever had. The electric kettle is also perfect for tea or let's face it instant ramen.

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French presses are also nice because they use less plastic and are cheaper in the long run vs. paying for those coffee pods.

Knives & Cutting Board

Unless you start cooking a lot, you don't really need a fancy knife set, just one with a few steak knives for eating porkchops or something. What you do need is a quality, large cutting board like this one.

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A larger board gives you so much more room to prep food and saves your counters from getting sliced up i.e saves you your deposit money on the apartment.


It's easy to drop a bunch of money on things you don't need when stocking your first apartment. By just starting with the essentials and waiting to see what you'll actually use you can save a ton of money. What are some other kitchen essentials? Comment below!

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  1. A good set of knives that will never mess with your food is the one thing I definitely need to buy! Thanks for this post over here, appreciate it!