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Taking Stock: November Linkup

Hello family! I've took a break this Thanksgiving week but baby I'm back and here with some links for y'all.

Note: This content contains some affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase, I'll earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you). I only link to things I know and love and affiliate links help me make more awesome content. Thanks for your support in this way!

Let's save the planet with our normal browsing activities, I recently switched to using Ecosia as my Chrome search engine of choice. It's a pretty cool concept where the company plants trees based on the AD revenue from my regular searches. I've done 104 searches since switching earlier this month, which equates to about a tree and a half. Every little bit helps.

So many people struggle with mental health, and when those people are your friends it can be hard to know how to help or be there for them.

My friends use to say the only way to get a song un-stuck from your head was to listen to it on repeat until you're sick of it. The Eternal Jukebox helps you do just that. It's a web app that automatically turns your favorite song into an never-ending and ever-changing version of the song. I've been looping Breezeblocks by Alt-J and Oh Wonder's Technicolor Beat.

Part of being a 20-something is going to a bunch of weddings. Here's how not to be a dick while there.

As I start looking for my first full-time gig I've been thinking a lot about my commute and if I'm going to be willing to drive 40+ minutes to work.

I really suck at going fully zero waste, but I've been using these ultra thin mesh bags to transport my produce and bulk goods home. They have the tare weight on em, but normally they're so light it's not even worth asking about. I've gotten so many compliments on em from cashiers and I don't have to trash a bunch of pointless plastic bags as soon as I get home. Win/win.

I've been downsizing my wardrobe for some time now, but this week I wrote out a hardcore Project 333 list using this handy printable.

I literally binged Alias Grace in one effing day. Now I'm slowly working through Mirror Black and Mr. Robot, needless to say I'm ready for finals to be over.

Well I skipped all my workouts the week of Thanksgiving, ate out pretty much every day but Turkey day, and have been downing blue moon (my new fav beer)  like it's going out of style. Even after one week off the healthy bandwagon and I'm feeling it. Here's how I'm getting back on track this coming week.

I've been debating getting a masters in Marketing Analytics, partially because I've been trolling this Data is Beautiful sub Reddit.

The pic above is me any my friend at the Texas Veggy State Fair and with my Boyfriend at the Texas State Fair towards the end of October.

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