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6 Tiny ways to simplify your life

I've been doing a lot of research into minimalism recently and have really been inspired to start simplifying my life. Today's post is all about random ways I've found more order and organization in my life. Call em life hacks or tips, but these tips have helped me become a better adult, feel better about myself and make me feel like bad ass for cheating the system.

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Create a Landing Zone in your Apartment

It's amazing what a simple Jumbo Command Hook can do for your sanity and organization. I had a hard time remembering to bring stuff to work until I got one of these bad boys for my office. I come home, my purse goes on the hook. I need to remember something for tomorrow, It goes in my purse on the hook the night before.

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A landing zone creates consistent you'd-better-not-forget-me location for important stuff. I keep my backpack on the floor right below my purse (I normally only take one or the other) so I don't forget school stuff either. A bench or chair near your door could work too, but just be sure it's somewhere you have to pass to leave your apartment.

Ditch the contacts

I coughed up an arm and a leg for new glasses over the summer, so I was determined to wear them. After a few months I've realized what a hassle taking out and putting on my contacts are every morning and night. Plus glasses are so much more comfortable! Now I'll wear my contacts for special occasions or keep them in my gym bag and pop them in before my workout.

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One day I may be able to afford corrective eye surgery, but for now glasses will do. Wearing my contacts less also means I can make a pair last longer i.e saving me money. Find a pair you really love, or keep an eye out for a two for one sale at lens crafters or something. Changing up your lenses keeps things interesting.

Minimize your makeup routine

This might be a little extreme for some people, but I've pretty much completely stopped wearing makeup to school and work. If anything I'll fill in my brows with a pencil or throw on some eyeliner, but I'd much rather sleep in contour my face in the mornings.

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I totally get that some people love wearing makeup and if you're one of those people do your thing! I love watching the occasional beauty tutorial on youtube, but never found it as fun to put on myself.

Automate Bill Pay & Savings

I make my boyfriend take care of most of the bills, but for a few subscriptions and things setting up automatic bill pay is a no brainer way to simplify your life. I also have my direct deposit set up to put $50 per paycheck into a savings account. I try to forget about that money, but I normally remind myself of it when we get to the holidays.

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Setting up these payments makes money management easier. It's like the crock pot of fiscal responsibility, set it and forget it. Keeping up with savings is hard, but pretending your paycheck is $50 less each month before it even hits your account gets rid of the hurt of having to transfer money to savings.

Minimize your wardrobe

I've been reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up this month and have gone into a decluttering frenzy. I started minimizing my wardrobe a few months ago and it has really helped me when getting dressed in the morning and finally getting a handle on the laundry monster.

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I use to feel silly or guilty about owning a bunch of different colored shirts or outfits that I never wore, now I've embraced my monochromatic wardrobe. The clothes in my closet make me feel my best, and anything that doesn't spark joy is gone. That does mean I own significantly fewer shoes, and pairs of jeans and what have you. But I love them more, not less.

Forego a Planner for a Bullet Journal

I've written pretty extensively about my bullet journal: how to set one up, how to use it in college, how to color code it and more. I'm warning you it's a rabbit hole of research, but there's a reason I keep coming back to bullet journaling. It's a really low stress way to keep up with your obligations, goals and to-dos that doesn't make you feel bad for ignoring it for a few months.

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I love really fancy planners, like the really expensive ones. And I just feel bad when I go for months at a time without using it. Bullet Journaling helps you keep things in order in a way personalized to you.


Keeping an eye out for simple ways to make your life easier can give you a surprising amount of head space. Things just feel better when they go the way they're suppose to, and simplifying your life makes less room for error. What other ways have you simplified your life? I'm genuinely interested to learn some new hacks! Comment below or tweet me!

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