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Taking Stock: October Links

Holy Hell October is almost gone! I'm super jazzed for the holidays this year because it will be my first attempt at a vegan Thanksgiving. I'll let y'all know how it goes for sure! Til then I've got some links for youuuu!

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Half the time I feel like a faker in the blog sphere. I'm too...normal to run a blog of this caliber. And until reading Bria's post about 5 Mindset Shifts to stop comparison-itis, I felt like I should be living a more fab life than I really do. Bri said it best where we're all just wingin' it, whether that's blogging, or adulting, or life, or a little bit of everything.

I've been having some pretty intense study sessions the past few weeks. I've been listening to this LoFi Hip Hop radio station on YouTube non stop. Ambient flow and no annoying commercials.

Thrifting is starting to become by go-to when I need clothes or something. Here's Nadine's post about how to find the good stuff at Good Will.

I've been all over the ModCloth dress section the past few days for something for a wedding in March, but I'm way too indecisive to pick one. I'm currently feeling the Button Front Retro A-Line in Midnight. What do y'all think?

I was waaaaaay too much of a baby to go see the IT movie, but I'm gettin' in the Halloween spirit by watching some Halloween movies for babies like me.

Want to make your house smell like fall or just impress the shit out of someone for you Susie Homemaker skills? Then make this D-licious homemade Apple Cider. I'm adding rum to mine, but you do you.

Sometimes you just need a good post apocalyptic novel to remind you that life is fleeting and our problems are actually really small. I plan on reading Annihilation this November partly for the gorgeous cover design, and partly because it was on my old Librarian boss' reading list.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rhianna. Is anyone else keeping up with the new season of Broad City? Anyway, I've been making home made vegetable stock from food scraps and it's easy + delicious. I made a some whatever soup last week with leftover veggies too. Cleaned out the fridge AND had leftovers for lunch. win-win.

With the recent genius decisions in health care, it may be time to reevaluate your current birth control plan and switch to a more long term solution. Here's a great infographic comparing all the different options out there. I've been on the pill for years but may switch to an implant, anyone have experience with it?

I pulled one of those cheap cellphone wallet stickers off the back of my phone and no amount of vinegar or goo gone could get that freaking residue off. I finally broke down and got this Slim Cellphone Wallet instead, I'm definitely not organized enough to keep up with my phone AND a wallet.

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  1. I love pumpkins! Fall is my favourite time of the year, cause I can write my research paper and drink my favourite pumpkin spiced latte!

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