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Real Talk: I live Zero Waste

Hey guys! This is my Real Talk series where I interview real people about their experiences and situations. Today I'm talking with Florine from The Wasted Blog who lives a Zero Waste lifestyle and lives in Germany.

If you're interested in being interviewed for this series, email me at with the subject line "Real Talk." Let's get into the interview!
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1.Tell us a little about yourself

I am originally from Germany but I am currently studying in Denmark, where I live with my boyfriend. In my blog The Wasted Blog I write about how I try to live a zero waste lifestyle, obstacles I've overcome and the joys this lifestyle has brought me.

2. What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is essentially not sending anything to landfill. I do recycle and I also compost.

3. What made you want to become Zero Waste?

3 years ago I saw a video by seeker stories, in which Lauren Singer introduced the Zero Waste lifestyle and explained how she goes about it. I felt so inspired that I wanted to switch to a Zero Waste lifestyle literally overnight, which really didn't work so well. I started to gradually implement changes and document it with my blog and that's all there is.

4. Why is Zero Waste Important?

To me, living a Zero Waste lifestyle represents a wonderful alternative to the consumerist lifestyle that is not really sustainable and is very harmful to the environment.

5. How has Zero Waste been a challenge?

Like with every lifestyle change, living a Zero Waste lifestyle takes a bit of time and planning. To me, the biggest challenge was being patient and going Zero Waste step by step, which is necessary if you want the Zero Waste lifestyle to become a habit you don't have to think about.

6. How has it been rewarding?

Aligning my actions with my values has felt incredibly satisfying. I also discovered an entire community that is like-minded and I met many inspiring people along the way. I learned more about our planet, became more crafty and created more structure for myself in my everyday life. I also solidified my cooking skills which definitely benefitted my health.

7. What's it like living with someone who doesn't follow the Zero Waste Lifestyle?

I started living a Zero Waste lifestyle before my boyfriend and I moved in together, which meant once we moved into our new apartment, compromises had to be made on both ends. My boyfriend is ok with shopping at the farmers market with me and actually prefers it over going to a regular store now. He also doesn't mind using homemade laundry detergent or cleaning products, as long as he doesn't have to make them himself. He has his own trash can, that he can use without getting the side-eye and we split our fridge and cupboards as I find it easier to manage my bulk items if there is no distracting packaging around. All in all, it is not a conversation in our household anymore. We both respect each other's decisions and don't judge each other for our preferences.

8. How is Zero Waste a lifestyle instead of just a trend, or hobby?

I am actually fine with it being all of the above. If it is just a trend, at least people get to experience how easy it is to implement small changes in their everyday lives and once it has become a habit, it is no longer a trend but part of their new lifestyle.

9. What can people start doing to reducing waste in their life?

Start with something small but consistent, like bringing a reusable bag or water bottle, making your own cleaning products or toothpaste, going to the farmers market and exploring the colourful world of weird veggies, biking to work instead of taking the car or starting a habit of composting food scraps.

10. What are some of the next steps if someone wants to fully adopt Zero Waste?

If you want to fully adopt living a Zero Waste lifestyle it is easiest to implement Bea Johnsons 5 R's (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot) in every area of your life in order to create a sustainable base from which you can then live a sustainable lifestyle without you having to think about it all the time.

11. What do you want people to know about the Zero Waste lifestyle?

Essentially, living Zero Waste is about managing to create sustainable and eco-conscious habits. I think it is important to know that it is not about being perfect. It is about enjoying life and appreciating nature. Every step towards positive environmental change is wonderful and it's ok to learn without having to know everything from the beginning.

Florine is the founder and writer of The Wasted Blog. You can find her on the platforms below.

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  1. This is so awesome! One of my favorite designers, Daniel Silverstein, has a zero waste line.

    1. Yeah! I know all about him from Lauren at Trash is for Tossers! His stuff is so awesome!