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Make your Rental apartment more Homey for less

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Getting my first apartment was one of my favorite parts of college, but rentals can sometimes be dreary and restrictive about painting and decorating. Now that I’m a little older and starting my senior year of college, I’ve started to realize how important your apartment not only reflects your personal style, but also is super homey.

Between sleeping, studying, and binge watching shows, we spend so much time in our apartments. The last thing you want is to come home after a stressful day of classes and work and your apartment is plain and uninviting. Creating an inspiring space is easy and can instantly improve your mood and set the tone for your down time.

That’s why I’m partnering with The Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by Glade® to share my 4 tips for making your apartment or rental more cozy.


1. Set the Atmosphere

The atmosphere of your apartment is probably the easiest way to make your place more cozy. The rooms you spend your time in tell a story the moment you walk in, and my apartment needs to feel refreshing and cozy. Between work, school, and soon looking for my first post-grad job, I need my apartment to be an oasis inside my hectic life.

I got to try out the GladeⓇ Atmosphere Collection jar candles in N°1 Enraptured - Jasmine and Cedarwood– and N°2 Bright–Sweet Pea and Pear–to help me compliment my apartment decor with refreshing smell. You can save $1.00 when you buy any ONE (1) Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ Product at Kroger with this digital offer here or on the image below like I did and help instantly transform your room.

These candles are designer quality soy candles in chic jars that match my minimalist decor perfectly. The N°1 Enraptured is probably my favorite with hints of relaxing cedarwood and fresh jasmine. The N°2 Bright has a light fragrance of sweet pea and pear that fit with any room’s decor and mood. I’ll come home and instantly light one of these for a few hours while I work on homework or get some reading done and I instantly feel better in my space.


2. Shop for Comfort

A couch was one of my first grown-up purchases when I moved out. I knew I wanted something that I could collapse on after a long day, but was also chic enough to have guests over. If you’ve got some furniture already and aren’t ready to upgrade, use throw pillows in the living room, new sheets, and or a pillow top in the bedroom to upgrade your comfort level.

I love a neutral color palette when decorating so it’s easy to find things that match. I also like to look for pieces with lots of pretty texture like wood and thicker fabrics. While trinkets and decor can be nice, functional pieces are going to go much further to making your apartment more cozy.


3. Decorate with plants

I need to get one of those T-shirts that says plant mom because that’s exactly what I’ve become recently. There’s something about plants in the home that make me just unwind instantly. Houseplants are a great way to keep the air in your apartment fresh and purified.

My boyfriend and I spent the entire afternoon at the nursery looking for the perfect house plant and settled on this five foot tall money tree that was half off. It only needs watering once a week and is really low maintenance which is perfect for me and my schedule.


4. Hide Visual Clutter

I’m totally a cold person by nature and my boyfriend loves to keep the apartment freezing cold even in the summer. We have tons of blankets on hand to cuddle up under and unwind. I eventually needed a place to corral folded blankets but didn’t want anything too obvious or obtrusive.

I ended up finding a cute wire basket that does double duty to hide unsightly cords and wires running to our TV. This helps cut down on visual clutter (a project killer in the graphic design world) and makes your space feel that much more elevated. One of these days I’ll be able to properly hide wires like this discreetly, but for now in my rental, cute baskets will have to do.

I hope these tips have inspired you to take control of your rental decorating project. You don’t always need paint or expensive decorations to make your space more cozy, just a few plants and an atmosphere to create a space that inspires you and tells a story.

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