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August 2017 Printable Calendar and Background

It's almost August which means it's time for another freebie printable for your planner or bullet journal. This colorful desktop background is more of a quick reference, but the printable calendar version will work perfectly on its own, or printed two per page and pasted into a page of your bullet journal.

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Real Talk: I'm a Conservation Psychologist

Hey guys! This is my Real Talk series where I interview real people about their experiences and situations. Today I'm talking with Bri from Dr of What, a blog that follows Bri's journey as a second year conservation psychology PhD student from Australia.

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Taking Stock: July

We are halfway through summer which means we're about to be seeing nothing but back to school stuff all over the place. Part of me is excited to start my last year of college and the other part is considering dropping out completely to become a lama farmer or something.

Adrian and I went to Austin the last week of June and ate things that I don't think should exist (ike a burger with donut buns). We also stopped by the butter half mural, which had graffiti all over much side eye.

Here's what I've been Reading this month

I use to be sooooo against unpaid sponsorships, but Morgan's post about breaking this bad blogging habit has converted me.

Hate to tell you it, but finding your purpose in life may not be that ground breaking. Higher power or not Melissa's post is a must read for this week.

For your next quarter life crisis/ major adult purchase.

This manicure has way more side-eye than I could ever muster.

Rach might be one of the toughest ladies on the interwebs right now; read her one year post chemo post.

I want to AirBnB at Anna's place just so I get to sleep in her dreamy guest that weird?

Read this BEFORE going into your adviser's office.

I see Baby Driver once and think I'm a music connoisseur (which I'm not). Luckily Bev can cook AND make a bomb-ass playlist. I may be listening to it while writing this...and doing homework later.

As much as I'm ready to graduate next May I really need this post from Rachel.

Last one, if you didn't tear up or super impressed by Kesha's Praying, then I'm pretty sure you're not human.

Hope y'all have a killer rest of the weekend!

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Easy Reads I'm loving this summer

I've been on vacation the past week and feel like I've been reading non-stop. I've pretty much carried a book with me everywhere recently, and I wanted to share a few books I've been loving this summer.

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