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Oh Hey Hannah

It's insane to think about how I've been blogging for the past four years. I originally started this blog as a portfolio my senior year of high school. I had this love of graphic design, and shared quotes and backgrounds to show off my design skills. I soon found out I also have a love of sharing advice to college women. So I became The College Girl Daily and shared college lifestyle advice for career-minded women.

The College Girl Daily has helped me make tons of friends from all across the country and work with some of the best brands out there. I've written about topics that are sometimes uncomfortable like anxiety and getting a DUI but also about bullet journaling, planning and more.

As I begin my senior year of college It's time to start thinking where this brand needs to go as I begin to enter this next stage of my life. So if you haven't noticed from the new header, I'm renaming The College Girl Daily to Oh Hey Hannah. The new name is a bit more casual, closer to my personal character, and opens the door to explore more topics.

I wanted a blog name that I can grow into as I find a career and start a family. I'll still share my usual organization and lifestyle posts, but may eventually grow into doing more home decor, or family advice. I hope to expand this blog's scope from college women, to all women who strive for a more organized, beautiful, and happy life.

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  1. Changes definitely open new doors!

    xx, Melissa

    1. I know I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks for the comment!

  2. I am so happy for you! I've loved following The College Girl Daily throughout college and I'm so glad that our blogs are growing with us! I LOVE your organization posts and that's something we'll never grow away from! I'm excited to see what lies ahead!

    Madison // Mads Maybe

  3. Wow, congrats on 4 years! That is so cool. Finishing college is an exciting time - I'm looking forward to see what new posts you have coming :)


  4. Congratulations on four years! It's great that your blog is growing and changing as you do. And I think "Oh Hey Hannah" is such a cute name!