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How to read more (without spending a ton)

It's summer which means I'm taking the time to conquer my massive reading list! If you couldn't tell from my profile image I love reading; but it can be hard to afford brand new hard backs all the time.

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I also really love having books in my apartment, so I've been trying to buy more for my office. Below are a few tips I've figured out for getting new and popular books, without having to open up a Barns and Noble credit card.

Get cheap or free Audiobooks

Audiobooks are my favorite thing to listen to when I'm driving around by myself or during a road trip. Last November we drove out to west Texas and I got through five hours of The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. It can be a little weird at first getting use to people reading TO you, but I still find myself totally immersed in the story.

I have an audible subscription which is about $15 per month. If that's something that just isn't in your budget, a ton of local libraries have online audiobook resources that are free with your library card. Just do some research and figure out what your city offers.

Join the Subscription Box Craze

It seems like there's a subscription box for everything out there now, and books are no exception. I asked for a Book of The Month subscription for my birthday last year and totally plan on gifting it to myself this year.

What I love about BOTM is you get to choose from 5 different new releases each month and you get a special hard back edition of the book to keep. My bookshelf has become much more beautiful since  joining!

The subscription averages out to $12 per book for the annual plan (waaaay cheaper than dishing out $25 for a new hardback). Lots of the books end up going to be really popular so you get to read them before everyone is talking about them!

Utilize Prime Reading & Kindle First

My boyfriend and I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime last semester to watch The Man in the High Castle and dished out the $99 for a Prime Student. One of the best things I love about Prime is Prime Reading, where you can get tons of kindle ebooks, magazines, and audiobooks for FREE with your membership.

Side Note: The ENTIRE Harry Potter Series is on there if you're looking for something to do this summer.

If you like the Book of The Month idea then check out Kindle First. With a prime membership, you can rent a newly released ebook. There are six books to choose from each month from different genres and is a great way to get out of your reading comfort zone without dishing out extra cash.

Use your library

Arthur had it right: Having fun isn't hard when you have a library card. Whether it's your city library or university library, there are tons of free books to borrow at your library. Avoid the temptation to get more than one at a time. I use to walk out with five plus books, audiobooks, movies, and more, but they would always take up place on my coffee table until it was time to return them. 

There's also this awesome thing called inter-library loan, where a library can get any book they don't have from a nearby library. All the copies of my book for book club this month were checked out so I just ordered one from the neighboring city and picked it up from my usual location two days later.

Learn to love second hand

I'm one of those people who hates clutter, except when it comes to books. Places like half price books are a great way to grow your at-home library without dishing out tons of money. While I love audiobooks and my Kindle, if I finish off a book I absolutely love I'll keep an eye out for it at half price too so I can have a physical copy. My dream for when I buy a house is to have a reading room with a wall of bookshelves. 

Don't leave Half Price Books without checking out the bargain section. You can score those might-one-day-read books for two or three dollars and build a nice little library for your office.

Keeping up with popular books doesn't have to cost tons. If you like this post, be sure to check out this one about How I find time to read in college. 

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  1. These are really good ideas! I think secondhand books are great, especially passed down from friends, because it can introduce you to books you might not have found. I would definitely go to my local library more often but it's old and kind of sketchy.

    1. Haha yeah, I try to only go unless I've got a specific book in mind. That way I can get in and out quickly lol!