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Replace your Wristlet with jimmyCASE

I absolutely hate having to carry around a purse or wristlet during the school year–as if I don't have enough stuff to carry around. I need all my essentials in one place and instantly accessible. Which is why I'm reviewing the jimmyCASE, the magic elastic wallet case.

I've been using the iPhone 6s wallet case in black for the last few weeks, and was instantly impressed with the sleek design and quality of materials. I've seen wallet phone case hybrids, but none as sleek and modern as the jimmyCASE. 

The best feature on this bad boy is definitely the elastic pocket on the back. I put all the essentials from my wallet into the pocket like my license, debit and credit cards, business cards and of course my Starbucks gift card. At one point I stuffed all the cards in my wallet into just out of curiosity and the case was still easy to hold and unobtrusive.

The wood grain feels sturdy, and the black bumper fit really nicely in my hand. I've had trouble with too bulky cases in the past, but this one slid into my pocket comfortably without messing up my cards. The problem with most other wallet/case hybrids is they look awkward and bulky, or have overly complex sliding trap doors that are bound to break. I like things that are simple and work well, and the jimmyCASE does both.
Even without the pocket on the back I love the ultra modern, minimal design. They've got a ton of different colors for iPhones and Samsung phones online, and even have a custom option to match school colors or personal preferences.

Whenever I go out and don't want to carry my wristlet or wallet I'd always give it to my boyfriend to carry–boys and their ultra handy cargo pockets. Now all I have to carry is my phone. The jimmyCASE has helped me completely abandon my annoying wristlet.

We always have our phones on us, and by reducing the amount of junk you have to carry around, we can make our lives that much easier. For the first few days I kept checking to make sure I wasn't leaving anything behind before I realized everything I needed was attached to my phone.

What's your favorite JimmyCASE color? Are you totally over wristlets like I am? Comment below!

I received compensation in exchange for this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I'm definitely considering getting one of these, it'll just make life so much easier!!
    xo, Syd