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Taking Stock June

I've decided to start up my "Taking Stock" posts where I summarize what I've been up to. I'll share things I like (music, blog posts and such), things I've been doing and reading recently.

It was tough to find time to blog last spring. It was my first semester of full fledged major classes and I was in a panic about grades early on. Plus I was working two jobs which gave for little free time. I took time to decide what was important to me. I buckled down and even got on the Dean's List last semester. Anyway, things have mellowed out a bit and I've finally found time to start blogging regularly again.


Watching: Parks and Rec Season 1
Learning: Rudimentary Coding for my new job
Instagramming: Me on the beach in Panama City Florida


1. Yeti Rambler 

I picked this up during my Florida Vacation and it has changed the game on thermoses. On our 12-hour drive back from Florida I had perfectly chilled water the whole way. 

2.  Erin Condren Life Planner 

I ordered mine on the launch date (when they were having all those horrible server problems). I had switched to bullet journaling last semester and though I'd never go back to a traditional–or such an expensive–planner. But then I saw this gorgeous cover and the new neutral layout and I decided to give it another try.

3. Stop, Breathe, & Think 

The app was originally made for kids and teens, but I really love the cute design and the progress tracking. And unlike other meditation apps, this has tons of free content. It felt sort of weird to be sitting at my desk each morning with my eyes closed, but after a week or so of it it started feeling more comfortable.

4. Fossil's Preston Multifunction in Papaya

I've been needing a quality wristlet for some time now. I'm notorious for bringing just my phone out whenever I don't feel like lugging out my entire purse. I like this one because it holds my phone perfectly and I can easily tuck in the wrist strap and throw it in my purse.

That's it for this month guys. Be sure to find me on Pinterest below to keep up with TCD updates and follow my day-to-day on Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. Hi Hannah-Beth! What is the Fountainhead about? I never heard of that book and I am looking for new books to read for the summer. All of those notebooks are super cute too! I really liked the pineapple one! I just went to Panama City in Florida over spring break. There are so many people going there, it is crazy (:

    1. It's about this individualistic architect and it was amazing! A little dense, but totally doable!

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