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Taking Stock July

Can we talk about how July has flown by! Right when I thinkgs are settling down my life revs right back up again. I'm over half way through my summer drawing class and it's not going half as bad as I thought it would. I'm really looking forward to August because I've got some awesome things coming down the pipeline, but first let's take a look back at July.


Reading: The Girl With All the Gifts by M. R. Carey
Watching: Stranger Things Season 1
Listening: San Fermin- still
Learning: How to not switch from blogger to a self hosted Wordpress
Instagramming: The first drink I legally purchased myself


1. Book of the Month Club

My parents got me a year long subscription for my birthday and let me just say a monthly book subscription is a genius idea. I've made a goal to read 24 books for pleasure in 2016, and with this I'll be sure to stay on track. Basically judges find five really good, new books and you can pick one each month. I chose Missing, Presumed from the July selections and really like it so far, and what's great is they're all hard backs which would normally cost a ton. p.s. You can get 50% off a 3 month subscription with code REFER50!

2. These Black bootie wedges

Ok, so they're a little too tall for work and I probably couldn't run around campus in them, but my sister got these and I immediately went out and bought a pair of my own. They were such a good deal and were almost out of my size!

3. Nike 2-in-1 shorts

I got two pairs of these from the Nike outlet last week and have practically been living in them. I've also started weight training, so I like the coverage of the compression shorts and the range of motion of the outer short.

4. My Classic Camelbak

I bought this a few years ago for Austin City Limits and it has since made a revival after the release of PokemonGo. I love being able to throw my wristlet and external battery in there and be ready to go. I'm on level 13 but still haven't figured out the whole gym battling thing yet.

By the way there's still time to download and print my August 2016 calendar above. Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest and we'll talk soon!

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