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PSA to Non-Feminists: You're welcome

A friend on Facebook shared this article which I think gives a skewed view of modern feminism.

The article claims that women have more respect now than ever before in history, but it doesn't address the fact that we got here by the feminists that came before us. It took hundreds of years for women to gain the right to vote, own property and work in respectable conditions that modern, anti-feminists don't recognize. We take for granted the effects of feminism daily, our ability to refuse marriage, go to college, join the military, dress how we want, take birth control, the list goes on and on.

The article builds on the stereotype of feminists, firstly with that feature image, but also with the author's assumption that all feminists are angry, man-haters who won't let anyone buy them a drink.

As far as the chivalry argument goes I'll admit that many new feminists-myself included- start out energized and ready to burn bras or walk around naked with their chests painted. It takes some time to realize that feminism doesn't mean men are less than women, but rather women are equal to men. Early feminists are angry and sometimes give into the stereotype of butch man-haters, but it's because we don't know what else to do. We too buy into the stereotype, especially in the beginning of what we should be doing. But what most people, including the man-hating brand, don't realize is that feminists are all around us. Those women who are shattering the glass ceiling with their perseverance and strong mentality are feminists.

Side note: I've change a tire while my boyfriend watched before-I wanted to learn how. But believe me, if some guy pulls up and offers to help I'll sure as hell let him.

The article also talks about women in sports. I do agree with the author on this point. Quite honestly I wouldn't watch football even if there WERE women wide receiving. The problem with women in sports is that they're often treated differently from men athletes. Instead of talking about how they trained for a match or what was going through their head during a piviol moment in the game, they're asked how they got along with their team mates, and what they were wearing.

A personal situation: in the news room at my college paper we were talking about a WNBA team that moved to our city. One (male) editor said something along the lines of the women looked better while playing. I basically told him that is not why you should watch women's basketball.

I agree that men and women are build differently and excel in different things. But anyone, male or female, who does cross fit five days a week and can flip a 200 lb tire is amazing in my book.

The "perseverance" and "strong mentality" that the author refers to is feminism.  The fact that she can consider herself "a strong independent female" is BECAUSE OF feminism. My generation has grown up with a new age of feminism, where we don't have to worry about being in arranged marriage to a man twice our age, where we get to go to school with our brothers and where we can have a say in our government. We've come so far that we've started to lose sight of where we came from.

Feminism isn't about blaming men for our problems, or proving to be the supreme gender. Feminism is about equality.

I'm not here to shove my beliefs down your throats, and I agree that people's beliefs are their beliefs. But just because you don't believe in feminism doesn't mean you don't benefit from it.

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  1. Yes! You absolutely nailed it! How any woman can call herself an 'anti-feminist' is beyond me. I guess people just take their privileges for granted and forget that it's really not that long since women couldn't vote, own property, keep a job after marriage or graduate from university. It's such a shame how the word feminism has been completely misunderstood and twisted.

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