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How Gameification helped me hack my Goals

Remember when you were little and your over-excited babysitter would try to make cleaning up a game. Carpet is hot lava, or put things up as fast as possible, that sorta thing. Well, a good 15 years later and I'm finally discovering the power of turning boring tasks into games. Gamification is making normal tasks like tidying up my apartment or reading a chapter for Bio much easier and more fun.

I use an app called Habitica to gameify my life. It's a free website and app that you can track daily todos, habits, and tasks. Each time you check something off you're rewarded with items and money you can use to boost you avatar. 

I joined Habitica in January, and since then I've gotten through a chunk of my reading list, started saving $40/week towards my vacation in June, and starting flossing daily. Here's a pic of my character after using the app for about three months, and yes, I'm riding a blue wolf with fire in my hands. Let's look at some of the basics of Habitca and how you can get started using it. 


Here's a preview of my Dashboard. At the top left you'll see my character with three bars and other players to the right of that. Those are my friends, or party members who I complete quests and challenges with. Below that are four menus of tasks that I'll explain a little later on.

When you first get started you'll have the red and the yellow as shown below. These are your health and experience points. Every time you check off a task you gain experience which levels you up. If you don't do your daily tasks, then you lose health. At level 11 the blue bar appears which is your mana, this helps you complete special tasks in your party. Once you level up to 11 you'll get to specialize your character into one of four categories with different benefits: Mage, Healer, Warrior, or Rogue like myself. 

According to the Habitica FAQ, "Warriors can easily damage Bosses, withstand more damage from their tasks, and help make their party tougher. Mages can also easily damage Bosses, as well as level up quickly and restore Mana for their party. Rogues earn the most Gold and find the most item drops, and they can help their party do the same. Finally, Healers can heal themselves and their party members."


Habits are things you do multiple times throughout the day, things like taking the stairs or drinking water vs. a coke. You can have positive habits, which give you experience, or negative habits, that take away health, or a combination of the two. I only use this section for listening to my audio book, which I do to and from school. 


The next section is your Dailies, which is probably one of my favorite features of the site. I set up a list of things I need to do once every day like flossing, making my bed, and making it to my morning class on time. Dailies change color based on how often you do them. Mine are all blue because I've been pretty good about completing them. You can also schedule your dailies to happen on specific days of the week. For example, I get paid once a week, and I put away $40 each Saturday, so it's only active on that one day.  


The third section is your ToDos. I normally keep up with my ToDos on Wunderlist, but import them into Habitica so I can get my rewards. The longer you take to complete a task the redder it becomes.

Finally the fourth column is Rewards. You can buy gear for your character but you can also create your own rewards. I've made a few of my own rewards like getting my nails done, using a bath bomb and getting something from Starbucks. 


Another great feature of Habitica is the Party feature. You can join a party of other players and do quests and fight monsters by completing your tasks. This is another one of my favorite parts of the site because it makes you feel more accountable to stay on top of my goals. Parties also help you earn special items you'd miss out on otherwise. If you're just getting started on Habitica, then I'd definitely consider joining a party.

I first heard of Habitica from one of my favorite podcasts College Info Geek, he does an amazing job of explaining how Habitica works, so if you're still curious definitely check out his video. 

I'm on Habitica every single day tracking my habits and todos and it's especially easy with the app for iPhone. Do you use Habitica? What are some other apps that help you gameify your life? Comment below.

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