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7 reasons I am not a fashion blogger

It's been a big year for The College girl Daily. I've got sponsored posts, I've had over 200K views, and I've gotten over 500 Instagram followers. But I realized something the other day that made me sad but also relieved at the same time: I am not a fashion blogger.

Sure I post a few fashion posts here and there, and for a while I really enjoyed it. But I realized that I really don't like writing about fashion. While I do help people pick out outfits all time at my side job, fashion just isn't something I like to write about. What I do like to write about is productivity (making and reaching goals, organization and all that jazz) and graphic design.

So this month I'm giving myself permission to NOT be a fashion blogger. Please note that I absolutely love fashion bloggers and nothing here is meant to imply that all fashion bloggers are this cookie cutter type, or that they are any less than me. In fact, having tried the fashion blogger game I have nothing but respect for these people. 

I think blogs should be a space to share what you know, not try to fit yourself into this image of who you think you should be. So I've decided to narrow the scope of my blog a bit by allowing myself to not write about fashion.

Here are 7 reasons I'm not a Fashion Blogger. 

1. I suck at Instagram

I went to a blogging conference last year and one of the social media speakers said the fashion bloggers OWN Instagram. And they're totally right. I feel like you measure the success of a fashion blogger by the number of followers they have. I don't have the patience to find, edit and come up with a clever caption for a post every single day.  

2. I don't know what to say

I love writing, except on my outfit posts. I just don't know how to talk about clothes in my writing. Clothing is so personal that I don't feel right telling people one-size-fits-all styling tips. 

3. I spend all my money on food

While I do enjoy shopping, I'd much rather spend my money on makeup or going on dinner dates with my boyfriend. Also, I get a good discount at my job, so I rarely shop anywhere else for clothing. When I was doing one outfit post a week last summer I felt like I was constantly buying new clothes so I could have fresh content for my blog. 

4. I don't like getting all dressed up 

It's a very rare day for me to have my makeup done, a cute outfit on and my hair brushed. I feel like a faker when I'd roll into school and work with my sneakers and jeans and tell people all about the slimming effects of pointed shoes. Sure I dress respectable at my internship and job, but when I just have classes or going out, I'm almost always in jeans and chucks. 

5. I'm not all that comfortable with my image

I'm one self confident chick, but not when it comes to my looks. I'm pretty much a know it all when it comes to my abilities (i.e. Designing and organizing stuff) and that's what I feel comfortable teaching to other people. 

6. I don't have a solid style yet

I'm still trying to develop a personal style when it comes to my daily, work, and professional wardrobes. I really like slouchy, laid back looks but at the same time I love a good preppy skirt. I'm sort of all over the place to give a consistent message about my personal style. 

7. I'm really lazy when it comes to taking pictures

For a while I tried the whole tripod/DSLR method, and did get a few cute shots of myself. But it just takes so long to shoot, organize, and edit outfit photos. Recently I've been using a photographer friend of mine which cut down on almost all of the work but still. I feel like I have to have AMAZING photos as a fashion blogger, and photography isn't something I'm passionate about.

So yup, The College Girl Daily is changing and so am I. But I think realizing what you're not is one of the first steps in figuring out what you really are. See y'all next time.

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