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My name is Jerrieal and I am the editor and writer of the Fashion and Lifestyle Blog Lumarnescene. I am currently a student at The University of Texas at Arlington and Public relations major. The reason that I started my blog was because I wanted to have an outlet of my own to be able to express myself and to try something different. I always believe in following your heart, because you never know where it may lead you. 

I am happy to present to you all this simple yet chic outfit which is great for transitioning from the summer into the fall season. With these jeans being my favorite I thought that I would add a little fall color to it to get you all ready for the best season all year round. The "shirt" that I'm wearing is actually a dress that a bit to short for me. I love how flow and loose it is, which is why it is great to pair with jeans.

Adding a few accessories such as these Kendra Scotts, a small smartphone wallet and a casual pair of shoes you are all set to go for a causal day for running errands or spending time with family. Fall is the best time of the year, and as you can tell I ready for this season! 

Thank you so much for stopping, and thank you Hannah-Beth for giving me this opportunity!


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