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Seek Adventure in Your Everyday Life (Phone Wallpaper)

Hi readers of The College Girl Daily! I am so excited to join you today to share a little inspiration as we get ready to head back to school and take advantage of summer adventures. My name is Gina and I blog over at Gina Alyse, where I share my thoughts on creativity, travel, blogging and life. One truth that stands at the core of my blog is that we are all made for creative adventures. 

Sometimes we think adventure means traveling to a foreign place or trekking through a jungle or hiking up a mountain. But adventure lies in all the little things we do everyday, both big and small. Adventure in its simplest form can mean moving forward. How often do we do this in our everyday lives? By looking at this definition, we go on adventures when we read books and progress towards a new chapter, when we clean out our closet and find hidden treasures or when we take a different trail on the bike path. 

Adventure means embracing the new in our life. It means treating each day as a gift, a time to experience new things. Adventures are young, wild, free, thrilling and life-changing. They breathe life into us. So I challenge us today to seek adventure in the small moments. Whether you are writing a blog post, brushing your teeth, or eating breakfast, find your mountain to climb and your change you want to bring to this world. 

For a little reminder, I've created this phone background to inspire us to seek adventure everyday and keep moving forward.

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What adventures are you going to take this summer and into the school year? 

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