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How to find the good study spots on campus

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Studying can be hard in noisy environments, a great way to focus is finding isolated study around campus. There are TONS of hidden gems of study spots around campus just waiting to be discovered. Switching up your usual campsite makes studying a little more interesting and helps you get some serious work done.

1. Smaller restaurants

 When you have a few minutes before class, check out a new nearby shop for a coffee or bagel. Scope the place out for ample seating and make sure it's not too crowded or noisy.

2. Find the hipster libraries 

It took me a few semesters to realize we have an architecture and a fine arts library separate from our main one on campus. These smaller ones are probably mainly used my those students of that major, but as long as there's an open cubical or table it's prime study location.

3. Studying outside can be a thing if it's not too hot, cold or raining

While you're walking around look for picnic tables near buildings. I've noticed some random tables hidden in clusters of trees that are almost never being used. Just remember that books and papers can get windy really fast, so plan ahead with a water bottle or your keys as paper weights.

4. Figure out the quiet floors/areas of the library

If you're kind of tired hunting around then just ask a librarian which floors/areas of the main library are designated for quiet study. I had to work on a group project last semester on a non-quiet floor and it was so much more difficult to focus. The ideal cubical is well lit–I like natural light when you can get it– and away from any distractions. Last semester I found one on the quiet floor right next to some library office. You'd think librarians would be quieter. Also feel no shame for giving people the stink eye for being to loud in these areas.

Studying doesn't have to mean you cooped up in your bedroom for hours and hours on end. What are some of your other favorite study spots?

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