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Guest Bloggers during my vacation

Hey guys, normally Tuesdays I share a taking stock post where I summarize my week and what I've been reading. But I'm currently road tripping it west for a vacation before school starts. I've invited some guest bloggers to fill in for me this week and thought I'd use this Tuesday as an introduction to everyone helping me out. Please follow these lovely ladies' blogs and I'll see y'all post vacation.

Hi friends! I’m Gina, a recent grad from the Washington D.C. area working in the nonprofit world. In my spare time, I’m a graphic designer, sunshine soaker and world traveler, who studied abroad in Seville, Spain. I enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle, whether that means exercising or active on Twitter! Most of all, I believe something magical happens when we combine adventure and creativity, and I hope to inspire others to live their own creative adventures everyday. You can find me over at my blog, Gina Alyse

Catherine Goetze, better known as “Cath” by her community of dedicated readers, is a rising sophomore at Stanford University and loves writing and making videos for her blog, Cath in College. She covers everything from fitness, to hook ups, to academics, to relationships and advice. Her mission: To create the most entertaining and enlightening community in the blogosphere.
Check her out at!

Hey y'all! My name is Sophia and I am a senior at the University of North Texas and am new to Dallas. I am a public relations gal and am obsessed with my dog, cooking, and entertaining. I am always on the lookout for new creative outlets and enjoying doing calligraphy in my spare time! Check out my site at

My name is Jerrieal and I am the editor and writer of the Fashion and Lifestyle Blog Lumarnescene. I am currently a student at The University of Texas at Arlington and Public relations major. The reason that I started my blog was because I wanted to have an outlet of my own to be able to express myself and to try something different. I always believe in following your heart, because you never know where it may lead you. 
Hi, everyone! I'm Susie, the 20-year-old college blogger behind In Susie's Shoes. I currently live in Arlington, Texas and study journalism and public relations at UTA. I spend most of my drinking excessive amounts of coffee and Instagramming too many pictures of my pup. My blog consists of my latest fashion finds and tried-and-true recipes I've been cooking up. Check it all out for yourself at

Follow me around on Insta and Snapchat on my sidebar and I'll see y'all later!

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