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Things to do before each semester

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Cool your pants, it's not time for back to school yet. But it is almost time for summer two sessions at my university. I decided to just work over the summer, but a lot of people at the paper are taking classes these two months. So I decided to whip up my to do list before each semester.

1. Print those Syllabi - Your syllabi are 20% useless junk and 80% vital information that will help you pass a class. Regardless, you should print all your syllabi and actually read them before stowing them away in your daily binder or folder. My past professors didn't post the syllabus until a week before classes started, so keep an eye out for them on blackboard.

2. Take stock of your supplies - I love shopping for school supplies, like a lot. But you're just wasting money buying things you already have or don't need. I got this really nice planner before my freshman year of college and ended up not using it because it didn't fit with my work flow. This isn't your first time in school, so you should know some basics. I typically buy a really nice, five-star notebook for each of my classes and maybe a pack of post-its.

3. Scope out your text books - With just two semester under my belt I've kinda started to figure out what classes require the book and what ones don't. Spanish and math most definitely, but my communications classes are a lot more group oriented. Honestly a lot depends on the professor, so wait a week or two before buying all of your text books. But for classes you know 100% you'll be using the book, go ahead and get it. Last semester for Spanish I got the book early and had my first chapters worth of flash cards done before syllabus day. Also, try your very hardest not to buy your textbooks new. A simple Google search with the title and author can save you so much money.

4. Clean out your backpack and desk - Even during the summer I use my desk all the time. Mostly because I blog a ton, but my desk acts as a landing zone for important stuff like bills and Victoria's Secret coupons. Take the time before the school year to clean up and out your desk and backpack, being sure not to trash your electricity bill. This gives you a solid month and a half buffer time before you lose your desk under a pile of papers.

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  1. love this post! I'm a super nerd and get really excited for each new semester. My favorite place to go for cute desk supplies/school stuff is the dollar section at Target! :) xx, kenz