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Taking Stock July Week 4

Hey guys! So last week I went on campus to shoot my outfit post and midway to this shaded area on the library mall the top part of my tripod popped off. I ended up losing the little piece and had to shoot without it. So I look very mad in all of last week's photos. I finally got it fix–with a bolt I had lying around– so I'll be out shooting again for next week.

Here's a little of what I've been reading

How many things have you crossed off your summer bucket list?

Dealing with the big and little things

Sooooo making these this week

I need this top, and those shorts, and her shades

Here are some posts I've been working on
Finding your signature style // Some white accessories for summer // Why you should probably get a job at your college paper // Beyond business casual (with my very upset looking pics) // Free printable syllabi sheet 

I'm keeping it short this week guys see y'all tomorrow.

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