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Mid year resolution check-up

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     Remember those new year's resolutions? How are those going? This year was a little different for me as far as new year's resolutions. Instead of year goals I set myself semester goals. Technically the semester is very over –and I've been laying poolside as much as possible – so it's time to look back on last semester's goals. 

     My semester resolutions from last year were pretty simple: 1. Get back into the habit of journaling 2. Get all As this semester, 3. Get back into the habit of reading for pleasure. It's a little to late to salvage my all A's from last semester. But I've been doing pretty good about reading for pleasure.

     I wrote up an ultimate college reading list in February and I've been slowly working my way down the list while adding new titles to it. I've found some new favorites and have been reading a little each day. 

     As far as my goals for summer, I've been focusing on my health. Specifically my diet. It's really easy to indulge a little each day, and a few sweets here and there really add up. Classes start up again in late August, so I've been working on some goals to get me there. 

Summer 2015 Goals (July-August):
1. Make a habit of working out three times a week.
2. Completely cut juices and soda from my diet
3. Only eat out once per week

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