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How to stay updated on current events

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I'm telling you this with love because it's something you need to hear. You need to keep up with current events. You are a grown ass woman and you are blessed enough to be reading this blog in some comfy shelter and I bed you got to eat breakfast this morning. What I'm saying is we're blessed with what we have, so the least we can do it stay up to date on what's going on in the community, country and world around you.

I think I may have it a little easier by working at the paper, it's literally part of my job to read news stories. But for the average college aged woman, becoming informed about important issues around is either laborious or boring.

Here are a few ways you can keep up with local, national and global current events.

1. Listen to NPR – Not gonna lie, I had to look up what station NPR is on, but I will say it's now a preset in my car. Instead of listening to the same songs over and over again, listen to little bits of news on your way to school and work. You're already sitting in your car anyway, why not learn why people are so getting riled up about high school text books.

2. Get a news app – Whether it's your school paper, your local paper or the NYTimes app, get something to read the news on your phone. The NYTimes app is really good, and for a monthly fee, you can get a list of briefs (super short stories) with everything you need to stay informed. The problem with this is it doesn't include your local news, but for the big things it's really useful. Read while you're waiting on the elevator, or walking from the parking garage. That time you spend stalking your ex on Instagram could easily be better spent. 

3. Read full stories about things that interest you – So you're reading your news app and you see something that either affects you or you're really interested in. Go online and read the full article. I won't tell anyone if you skim, but at least make a habit of reading a news article per day. 

4. Make your homepage some sort of news site – Mine is GoogleNews which I like because you can adjust what type of stories you see from various news outlets. Choose a news organization that updates daily so when you go to flip on Orange is the New Black you have to glance at the evening's headlines. Again, if you see something that interest you, take the time to actually read the article. 


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