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Habits to pick back up this summer

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When I was younger I'd always try and reinvent myself each summer. Whether that was to become more outgoing or trying to get my parents to buy me as much Hollister as possible, I always saw summer as chance to do something with myself. I still feel the same way today, but my goals have become a little less about my image and more about spending time investing in myself. Here are 4 habits to get back into this summer.

1. Reading for pleasure – Don't let American Lit scare you from enjoying reading. Summer is the perfect time to jump back into a good book for pleasure. Reading helps you relax, builds your vocabulary and improves you're writing ability. Don't feel pressure to finish every book you start if you aren't going to enjoy it. There's bound to be a book out there to capture your attention, whether it's a non-fiction book on Make up and fashion or a young adult book – check out my post for easy summer YA reads here.

2. Workout, at least a little – I really hate working out, like a lot. But I always feel so much better about myself when I workout. If you know you despise the boob sweat you get when running, then don't run. You're working out for yourself, not so you can post it on Instagram or Snapchat, so it needs to be something you actually enjoy doing. I'm one of those people who really like quizzes, this one tells you what type of workouts work best with your personality.

3. Eat breakfast – specifically oatmeal, because it's freaking delicious and really good for you. Ok fine it doesn't have to be oatmeal, but make is something sorta healthy. Getting your body use to eating breakfast will help make your morning meal a priority come fall, which fuels you for all that learning later on. If you've got lots of time on your hands try learning a few new fast recipes for busy mornings. I really like egg in a basket or pre-made breakfast sandwiches if I'm really pushed for time. 

4. Save your money – I'm working a ton this summer, so I'm making sure to save a little more than I would than during the fall. A little financial cushion is never a bad thing, just don't dip into your savings too often.

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