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Fourth of July weekend roundup

     Hi guys, I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. Adrian and I ended up going to a friend's house on the third and were up insanely late. Somehow we managed to wake up just in time for the 50th annual Fourth of July parade by my school. We were right in the sun, but we had plenty of fans and water. After we headed home for scrambled eggs with ham and a few friends came over to swim.

     The pool was surprisingly empty for the holiday weekend. We waded around for a good two hours before heading back to the apartment for some hotdogs. We don't have a grill, so broiled was gonna have to do. We got some jalapeño mustard that was the bomb and I've been putting it on almost everything ever since.

     Toward the evening we headed to Lone Star Park and waited around for some fireworks. There were no less than five ice cream trucks there. I just got a strawberry popsicle, but the choco taco was tempting.

Adrian's sister, her fiancé and friend showed up and his nephew got to see his first fireworks show. It was so cute watching him reach for the fireworks. Overall we had a great Fourth. I hope everyone enjoyed the rest of their weekend.

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