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Finding your signature style

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I've been working a lot to grow Oh Hey Hannah this summer. Part of that includes research about fashion and style. Tons of articles and posts say, as a fashion blogger, I should have a signature style, which gives me a certain amount of anxiety. So I've slowly been developing my style by experimenting a lot with my recent fashion posts.
Style should be about expressing yourself, not defining yourself with the types of clothes you wear. In an average week I spend a fair amount of time in jeans in a t-shirt and, because of my internship, an equal amount of time in slacks and heels.

Here are some things I've been doing to slowly develop my personal style

1. Do some research

I've started following tons of bloggers on Instagram recently to see what everyone else is out there doing. I've also been doing lame google searches like summer 2017 fashion trends and junk. That whole white on white and off the shoulder thing is really popular, but I just get too nervous around easily stainable clothes to try it out. The point of this research get ideas for your wardrobe that are practical for your everyday life. Look at your Pinterest board of clothes and look for common trends in these dream pieces. Is it collard button downs with skinny jeans, or classic leather bags?

2. Shop your closet

Look at some of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe, the ones you are willing to do load of laundry for just to have something to wear tomorrow. If you fill your wardrobe with pieces you love getting dressed will be easier. My favorites are a casual striped t-shirt, chambray button downs in dark and light denim, and a gold piano necklace. Think about why you like these items and when you shop look for similar things. 

For example, I like loose fitting t-shirts that are longer so I can do a half-tuck and shorter necklaces that balance my short height. Look at these garments as a whole and decide if it's the cut, fabric or style you like and look for that in other items.

3. Look at your body

There's tons of articles out there about dressing for your body type, and while a lot of those do have some solid advice, I've realized there are no rules when it comes to fit. The only way to tell if something looks good on you is to try it on, which is why I rarely online shop for clothes.

Whenever I use to work at LOFT I would tell my clients to dress for the body they have, not the one they want. It's a waste of money to get what my friend calls 'dream jeans' with hopes of losing weight. If you're wanting to slim down, reward yourself after and buy new things then. I love shopping with my one sometimes-overly honest friend to get her opinion on when I need to go up a size.

4. Consider your lifestyle

If you're in college, you daily shoe-wear isn't going to be heels, I don't care how high fashion you consider yourself. Your wardrobe should be practical for your everyday life. It's fine to have a few special occasion dresses in the back of your closet, but if you hardly ever go to formal events sell or donate them to save the closet space.

Now that I've started a part time office job it makes more sense for me to have more pairs of dressy sandals and nice tops than when I was just doing classes.

5. Write up a list

This doesn't have to be a one time trip kind of list, but make a list of items you want to include in your wardrobe to reference when you shop. I keep mine on my phone so it's always with me when I shop. The more specific the items the better. Your wardrobe list keeps you on track when you're shopping and takes a lot of pressure off of finding the perfect new top.

What type of pieces are essential to your wardrobe?

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  1. Love this post! Lately I've been really into trying to define my personal style. I read some where that finding celeb inspiration is really important to - personally, mine is Taylor Swift. Great post!


    1. That's a really good tip too, I don't really keep up with celebrities so I didn't even think of that one :D

    2. That's a really good tip too, I don't really keep up with celebrities so I didn't even think of that one :D