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Finding work life balance

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Blogging is something I really love to do, but recently- within the last three months- I feel like it’s started to consume my life. I’m definitely a workaholic, with three jobs right now and a blog that publishes six times a week. I’ve started treating my blog like a business, which is what I hope for it to be eventually. My problem is there’s always something I could be doing for my blog, whether that’s writing a new post, interacting with followers or researching ways to look skinnier in photos. That means almost every moment of my free time is dedicated to blogging.

So here I am, trying to find a work-life balance before the semester starts and I’m completely overrun with school work to even think about relaxation. I’ve come up with a few goals in my project to take fun seriously.

1. Spend more time with my family and boyfriend  – For a while there, Adrian and I would have a weekly dinner at my parent’s house, something that’s started to wane as I’ve been working more. I’ve also haven’t had time to shoot my little sister’s senior pictures or go on a lunch date with my mom.
2. Come home once a week and just chill – The great think about blogging is I can do it (almost) anywhere. If I’m really desperate I can even do it on my phone on the terribly outdated blogger app. So a lot of the times I come home from work and the first thing I do Is plop down on the couch with some tea and start writing.
3. Spend more time reading for pleasure – I started using audible a few months ago and I have two credits waiting for me online. I'm in the middle of White Teeth, by Zadie Smith and The Emperor's Children by Claire Messu.

4.Spend more time cooking – Adrian and I love cooking together, but in our teeny tiny apartment kitchen it can be kind of difficult  /dangerous with us both in there at the same time. Regardless, I've had a few recipes I've been wanting to try out including

Here are some tips for finding work life balance

1. Scheduling everything 

I've been using google calendar to keep up with my various shifts at work and things I want to take care of around the apartment. I've created different calendars color coded to match my planner. Here's an image of one of my busy weeks from this month. I use yellow for my retail job, purple for my internship, green for my newspaper job, pink for my blog and blue for personal stuff. By scheduling everything I make sure to make time for the big stuff, like work, and the small stuff, like posting to Instagram. 
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2. Schedule in some fun

I've been finding it's important to schedule in things to do with my family and boyfriend. We're planning a big vacation the week right before school starts. It's been a little bit of a struggle rescheduling appointments and trainings I had before school starts, but it's something definitely worth it. Fun doesn't have to be a big vacation though, it can be something as simple as spending the afternoon outside with the people you love. Adrian and I spend an afternoon at the Fort Worth Water Gardens and the botanic gardens. Try to avoid rescheduling these type of events though because they're the kind of thing that gets left off a calendar if postponed too long.

3. Learn to say no 

This is easy for me cuz I'm an introvert, but don't feel the need to say yes to every single social event you're invited to. If you feel your energy is sapped from spending all day folding sweaters, then it's ok to just go home and veg out. Not feeling like it is a perfect excuse to turn down dinner and a movie. If you have trouble being so blunt just use the old 'I'm broke' say so or whatever. Same thing applies for volunteering, if you know you're already feeling stretched thin, don't offer up your very valuable free time.

4. Pamper yourself

I love taking a day of the week to spend some valuable me time. I don't get to do it often, but spending an evening in a bubble bath with my kindle is one of my favorite things. I also have been using this clay mud mask from movies that I was almost sure didn't exist until I went to a lush store in Dallas. 

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  1. I love these tips for finding a balance! It's definitely a hard thing to do sometimes, but it's definitely worth it finding the best balance for you. Google Calendar is definitely a lifesaver of mine.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I'd be completely lost without Google calendar, I've tried tons of other apps before and nothing integrates as well as that one.

  2. I feel the same way! Sometimes I catch myself spending too much time on my blog..I'm actually planning on scheduling everything out this weekend!(: thanks for the tips!(: