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Weekend Getaway Packing List

     My boyfriend's nephew is getting baptized this weekend, so we're taking a quick weekend getaway to west Texas where his family is from. We're driving out early Saturday morning and coming back Sunday evening. I wanted to make a packing list that had cute and comfortable outfits. I chose a lot of outfits I've shoot outfit posts of before, so I'll include links below. Here are a few outfits I came up with, along with a packing list.  

Driving In
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     These leggings are insanely comfortable which makes this a perfect outfit for the drive out there. Instead of the boots I'll be wearing my grey high tops which I'll also use in another outfit during the weekend. I'm also wearing this denim jacket with the outfit below. I'm all about versatility, so I wanted as many pieces to overlap outfits as possible. I'll probably keep my jacket and necklace in my purse until we get out for pit stops or arrive. Road trips are about finding a balance between comfort and presentability for when you get there. I shot pictures of this outfit a few weeks back, you can check it out here. 

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At the Ceremony
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     The evening we get in my boyfriend's nephew is getting baptized. I'm wearing my summer maxi dress with nude heels. I'm also throwing my light denim jacket on top to make it a little more modest for church.  I shot pictures in this outfit a few weeks ago, you can check it out here.

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Hanging out
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     This is an outfit I would wear a lot during the semester (hence the backpack.) But I like this short-shirt combo because it's comfortable but still cute. I'm leaving the flats at home and wearing my grey high tops again. I probably won't even pack the belt or watch, I need all the room I can get in my tiny car on the way over. I shot this outfit a long time ago, check it out here.

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Sleeping In
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     My last outfits is actually more of pajamas. I'm wearing my same super comfy grey T that I drove over in to bed with some black sweatpants. I'm also packing a bralette to sleep in, just in case I need to get up during the night.
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     Here's my packing list for the entire weekend. I'm hoping I can fit it all in either my backpack or gym bag, but we'll see. What are some of your go-tos for a weekend getaway? Did I forget anything? Comment below. See y'all tomorrow!

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