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Rewards that won't ruin your health goals

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     I've been working on losing the freshman fifteen recently (not really fifteen but ya know.) The problem with working out and eating really healthy is I really like to reward myself after I've run my 2 miles for the day or gone a whole Monday without meat.

     I finally finished Charles Duhigg's book The Power of Habit after it sat on my bookshelf partially read for a year. In it, he says that habits, like working out or eating healthy, all have a cue, routine and a reward. So I've been on the hunt for rewards for working out that aren't just sweets. Here's what I've come up with.

Spend time in Nature 

Texas has some pretty awful weather in the summer, but there are a few times where it's *perfect* hanging-out-outside weather. If it's hot, sit out by the pool, if it's cold find a bon fire.  

Buy a new book

I'm one of those people who likes to hoard books and wait around a few years before reading them. My last trip to Half price I came home with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, The time travelers wife and Song of Solomon, all left unread for the past few months. However, my shrinking bookshelf has not stopped me from perusing amazon for a new kindle edition. 

Get a manicure

I hate paying to get my nails done just because I always feel like I could do it myself. But I will admit there is something insanely satisfying about a perfect french tip from a professional. If you're too short on cash (like I often am) grab a new summer color next time you're at the store. It's the little things.

Take a nap

Maybe I don't eat enough carbs, but I'm always exhausted after working out. There's no shame in hitting up a snooze post workout.  

Find New Songs

I find it very difficult to create workout playlists, but music really helps me zone out during cardio. Find a new playlist of Spotify and jam out as a way to change up your routine. Bev over at Bev Cooks is one of my favorite food bloggers has the gift of making rad mixes. She's not even paying me to say that. Definitely check her out if you're looking for new tunes.

Do some yoga

I love yoga, especially flow yoga, where things keep moving and there's a lot less spiritual, be one with the Earth garb. Despite enough warrior poses to make anyone's leg's burn, I don't really feel like it's a hard core workout.

So I use the yoga classes at my gym as a reward for a week's worth of workouts. It's a way to take a break from your regular routine, but still getting active and stretching your muscles. Also yoga is good for the mind. If I'm feeling extra stressed out during the week I'm sure to make it to a class to unwind.

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  1. omg I am obsessed with yoga! I recently started doing hot yoga and oh man, it's a life changer!

    xx, kenz