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Taking Stock June week 2

Hey guys, this week has been insane, I've been picking up extra shifts after my vacation to save up a little money. I've barely had time for myself, let alone for blogging. I've been trying to post six times a week, but between my internship, my retail job and designing at the newspaper it all seems like a lot. I'll try it another week, but I may go down to four or five days a week. Anyway, I haven't had much time for reading recently, so my list this week is a little short.

Here's what I've been reading

A response to I am not a feminist

One of my summer work staples 

Some really good points on Caitlyn Jenner and gender as a whole

I wish I could draw like her! But she has some really great points. I've been in design ruts before, it's important to get back to why you love your hobbies.

This looks way better than takeout

for all those summer beach photos

Here are some of my posts from this past week. Cute water bottles to keep you hydrated // How to keep it together and look good in the heat // Ways to treat yourself without ruining your health goals  // Dressy summer outfit // Free Quote Background

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