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Taking Stock June Week 1

Yo guys! It's funny how summer is just as busy as during the school year. I started my internship last week and I love it. It's super weird getting paid to do things I'd love like sitting at a computer designing.

Here's what I've been reading this week

Her photos are almost as gorgeous as that beach 

How to be a better feminist

6 Summer things every girl needs

Since I chopped off all my hair

I want to try this but a small part of me is saying it would be a huge mess

Anyone tried going vegetarian before?

Dude how hipster can you get?

Here are some posts I've been working on this past week
I'm so much cooler online // How to color code your bullet journal // Put a lid on it: Summer Hat Collection // Denim on Denim outfit // Free Printable June Calendar

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  1. Glad you like my post, and love how you referred to it as "how to be a better feminist"! <3 xoxoxo