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How to regain financial control

Being an adult requires a certain amount of fiscal responsibility. And when you're feeling lost money wise, it can be really easy to go into avoidance mode. We all know avoiding a problem doesn't make it go away, especiallllllly with money.

Money avoidance can result in ruined credit, over spending, under budgeting. Plus you don't get to actually enjoy where you do spend your money. Having control over your money makes you feel like an adulting bad ass, but also lets you spend on things without guilt.

Here are a few tips to help you gain financial control.

Check your Bank Accounts...Like right now

I've gotten locked out of my Chase App for months at a time (because I suck at keeping up with passwords) and the resulting anxiety about my money haunts me. I'd text my boyfriend any time I wanted to spend a few bucks and felt like I couldn't purchase anything.

It's a good idea to check them daily, but realistically I check my accounts about once a week. This includes any one-off credit cards you don't use that often and your main accounts. Avoidance doesn't solve the problem. Avoidance doesn't solve the problem. Avoidance doesn't solve the problem...really.

Grab your financial insecurity by the balls and check your accounts. You'll feel way better knowing what you have to work with instead of talking yourself out of buying stuff you need.

Do a No Spend

Yes I know it hurts, but if you're dipping to under $50 between paychecks it's time to look at things honestly. You're probably spending too much. A lot of articles will tell you to print out your statements and organized everything you've spend into categories. If you have the patience for it you're stronger than I.

Doing a no spend week makes you really analyze what you're spending money on, and makes you hesitate when dropping $40 on something you don't really need. 

Do I need a new stationary pad for work? Are the free stickies they hand out not enough? These are the sorts of questions you start asking yourself after a no spend

Save a little

Start saving a little money from each paycheck, as little as $25 is a good place to start, but aim for about $50-$100 depending on your income level. Have your bank pull the money out on pay days automatically so you don't have to remember to do it.

Then forget about that savings account. If you're feeling out of control financially, then you probably don't have hefty savings account. Let that build for actual emergencies, like car repairs, not like a flash sale.

Adrian and I have been saving for a while now and have enough put away to give us peace of mind when we get a flat tire or have a medical expense. A lot of times we'll use this money for Christmas presents or big purchases, but only if you've got an emergency fund on lock. Don't trust yourself to remember exactly how much you can spend.

Make a budget and stick to it

Woah real good advice Hannah, make a budget to understand my money #groundbreaking. 

Ok sorry, but this advice is everywhere for a freaking reason! Making a budget isn't that hard but sticking to it really is. Adrian and I sat down with his mom who walked us through the basics of making a budget when we were feeling hella behind.

Basically, add up all your regular expenses (rent, groceries, utilities, Netflix etc.) then figure out how much from each paycheck you need to cover those. Put that into a completely separate account and pay bills out of that.

The rest is "fun money" for things like going out to eat, or clothes or whatever. This money goes into a separate account so you don't run the risk of spending rent money on happy hour.

Avoid debt, not credit

My parents taught me that credit cards were bad news. Credit cards can get a little scary when you hear all the horror stories. But credit is essential for big girl purchases like a house or car.

Credit is useful, but using credit and not paying it off each month or taking on more loans than you can handle is dangerous.


Feeling out of control when it comes to money sucks and makes spending money feel like a dirty, guilty thing. Keeping up with your finances makes you feel like an adulting bad ass, but also lets you spend your money without worry. What other money tips do y'all have? Comment below!

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