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How to Keep it together in the heat

     Oh Texas, you hot as snot state. El NiƱo has been bringing us so much rain recently and the weather has been actually bearable for once this June. However I'm sure the heat is on the way. A friend of mine requested tips on how to look good on a hike, but I figured I'd make this post a little more broad. There are always tons of opportunities to get out into the sun during the summer, but keeping your cool isn't always as easy in 120 degree heat index. Here's how to keep it together in the heat.

1. Dress right - It you know you're going to be spending the afternoon outside, wear something light and airy. If you're hanging out with friends it's always appropriate to ask what you should wear. You'd hate to show up to the lake in your swimsuit only to not realize y'all are just barbecuing. Summer heat is all about light fabrics and airy cuts that won't cling. Check out my Pinterest board below for inspirations.

Follow Hannah-Beth's board Airy Summer Outfits on Pinterest.

2. Save Face - I have really oily skin, TMI right? And it's even worse during the summer. So I always make sure to have blotting sheets in my purse and backpack. You can get em at drug stores or Ulta has some fancier ones, but I can't ever tell a difference of quality so which ever you feel comfortable with. These are good because they take care of oil and sweat without covering the problem with more product, which ends up clogging your pores. And they don't mess up your makeup.

3. Sun protections is super rad - For some reason sun protection gets this really lame vibe, but I think it's time we start bringing this heat-busting tactic into the light (see what I did there.) I wrote about summer hats last week here, because they're so important for getting the sun off your face. They also hide tame frizzy hair, which is always a plus. Also I'm not your mother, but wear some freaking sun screen. A week of hurt and peeling can be avoided by taking five minutes to slather on the SPF.

4. B.Y.O.Bottle - Carry around a reusable water bottle with some ice and lemon slices. Check out my previous post with some cute ones here. You'll probably be sweating a lot if you're outside, keep from getting dehydrated by sipping from one of these cute water bottles. I like adding lemon and other fruit to my water to change up the taste. I've also been drinking La Croix sparkling waters to curb my craving for something bubbly.

5. Please don't pass out- Evian has some over priced water spray you can use to cool off, which is a gimmick if you ask me. Just get a travel size spray bottle from Wal-mart and fill it with water to keep on you. If you wanna get real fancy add tiny slices of cucumber or mint extract. When you're in direct sunlight or feel like you're over heating a few squirts on your face and wrists can cool you down.

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