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     I've been writing a lot recently, and it's kinda been getting me thinking about why I blog. I've realized that running a blog can be a very time consuming hobby. There's never a finishing point with blogging; there's always another post to write, photo to edit or quote to design.

     That's one thing I love about blogging is that it's almost pure creativity. Unlike working at my student newspaper, I have complete editorial authority over every image, every word and every pixel of the page you're looking at now. I also like the fact that it helps me create a portfolio of consistent writing, design and photography clips for employers that show my personality.

     What a lot of people may not realize though is I spend a lot of time to make myself look really good. For every Instagram image, there are fifty others that look the exact same (see the above collage with many rejected selfies.) I'll spend hours on a phone background. It takes me almost an entire afternoon to pick an outfit, go to location shoot photos then another hour or so choosing and editing photos. 

     The point of all this is that I am the coolest, richest, hottest or whatever-est version of myself possible in this online medium. I have complete control of your perception of me on this blog, and I think I forget that when looking at other bloggers.

     In the real world I can be really awkward, I always lose my phone and sometimes I eat pizza for three meals per day. This isn't to say the version that I put on my blog isn't really me, it's just an edited/refined version of myself. There's an incredible amount of behind the scenes stuff that goes into my publishing five to six times per week, which is why I consider blogging a part time job. 

     Anyway, I just wanted to do this post just incase you needed reminding that there is a world outside of blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. This week I'm taking a technology free day, that means no phone, no computer,  maybe my kindle paperwhite. Any of y'all try a technology free day/weekend/week? Any tips for it?

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  1. I work at my college newspaper too! I feel you on the blog thing--blogging is like a part time job!


  2. Hey girlie! I totally agree with you on how time consuming blogging can be, but it is a perfect hobby. I also am a student journalist on my university's newspaper, the Logos and sometimes we have to stay in this box and with blogging we are able to be sort of free. It's nice to meet a fellow journalist and university student from Texas!