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     We all knew it was coming, finals. It's been on that stupid syllabus for weeks. But here we are, trying to cram a semesters worth of material into our heads before we take a test worth 30% of our grade. My finals start next week, but the panic attacks have already begun. I've been doing some (very) last minute studying and here are some tips I've been doing to salvage my grade and get ready for finals.

study, college, finals, coffee, midterms,1. Create a study guide - The easiest way for me to study is to plainly layout what material I'm responsible for. For Spanish I'll write out all the verb endings and their uses, then use highlighters to remind me of certain rules and exceptions. For Political Science I write my notes in Question Evidence Answer format then make myself an example test strait from my notes. It saves so much time not having to flip through you notebook to find that one way to conjugate a stemchanger.

2. Isolate yourself - I've figured out a few pretty good study spots around campus that are in the middle of nowhere. By doing so you're eliminating as many distractions as possible. 

3. Actually turn off your phone - It's useless to isolate yourself if you're going to just play on your phone in a cubical in a hidden library. You think you have self control, but you don't. Just turn if off wear a watch, and do what you need to get done. Reviewing old testes takes significantly longer if you're taking 30 minute phone brakes every 10 minutes.

4. Make a plan - Especially for your study sessions. Trudging off to a hidden study spot is also useless if you don't know what you need to be doing when you get there. Write out a physical plan that's very detailed.  Something like "Study chapter 4" isn't as good as "Read pages 135-150 and highlight all vocabulary and major concepts." this way you know when you're done and not studying until you crash from boredom. 

5. Get some white noise - I've made a few playlists that I only listen to while studying. You can also set up a pandora station for studying. Pick something without lyrics so it's not distracting while you read. There are also apps and websites that produce white noise like this one. 

6. Know what you need to make - I'm pulling a high B in my Spanish class. I've already calculated exactly what I need to make on the final to get an A in the course. But in my journalism class I have a low-medium B. Knowing what you need to make on finals to push your grade to the next letter is really useful. Because I did the math, I'll be able to focus on my Spanish final more than my journalism one because I know there's no way to get myself to the next letter grade up. This is also useful to know whether to do the extra credit. A lot of professors give extra credit near the end of the semester, but you have to decide if it's worth the time it takes and it's effect on your grade. 

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  1. I always calculate what the minimum score I'll need on the final to get at least a B in the class. Most of the time it helps with the stress!