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Tips for Summer Running and the essentials

Running is God awful, pair that with a summer average high of 95 degrees, and running becomes a punishment. I love Texas, but our heat can be brutal. I've only recently gotten into the habit of working out, and running is my go-to for cardio. I've been doing some major reading, and here are a few tips for running in the heat.

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1. Run in the dark - last weekend the boyfriend and I went for a pre-dinner run. The sun was right on us the whole time and I got a sunburn despite my daily slathering of the SPF. Going either early in the morning (as if) or late at night is a surefire way to beat the heat. 

2. Don't even think about it if you're dehydrated - While it's possible to drink too much water, being dehydrated is dangerous in the heat. I like to keep a liter bottle around while I study or design to sip. I don't typically run with water, but being hydrated in general should be enough to get you through your workout. 

3. Run basically naked - If you've got the confidence to run in a sports bra, more power to you. I like a pair of thin shorts, a muscle tank and a sports bra. Any more than that and you'll be stripping mid-stride anyway. The less clothes the better in my book.

4. Run in pretty places - If you do run during the day, consider the park or a trail. Asphalt radiates heat and makes the sun even worse. There's a park with some great running trails in my city, and you can definitely tell a difference between the shaded areas vs. road running.

5. Slow and steady - If you're a seasoned runner then don't be shocked when your personal best doesn't grow during July. Give yourself a pat on the back for actually getting your butt out there, if you're use to running take things easy for a week or two to get use to the rise in temps.

6. Wear a hat and some durable shades - You know that sport tiffany blue baseball hat you got on your last Gander Mt. trek, actually wear it while running in the sun. It'll keep it off your face and prevent sunburn. Yes, even if you put on sun screen. Also shades are useful, but don't be traumatized if they fall off a mile in and you tromp on em. I like cheap final sale ones from work, but Wal-Mart brand works fine too.
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  1. I love #4 & 5! :) hehe. Thanks for the share!

  2. Love these! I've gotten into running over the past couple of months and totally agree. Ever since the spike in the heat, I've dreaded going out.....