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Taking Stock: April week 4

     This band opened for Matt & Kim this past weekend and I fell instantly in love. I've already downloaded their newest CD.

Wanting: A pedicure
Reading: Cloud Atlas ( yes...still still) and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (still)
Bookmarking: The HCBN Pinterest board
Feeling: in trouble for not having done any math homework the past month
Listening: Waters
Watching: Game of Thrones
Wearing: These sandals I got from work

Here's what I've been reading this week.

I definitely need this: bracelet that turns the hair tie on your wrist into something chic

Sophomore year here we come

I love her skirt AND she can write



Social Media Self Esteem: Facebook

Yer a wizard

Summer can't come fast enough

A few posts I did this week: A college Professional outfit, Summer Sandals, and Free Phone backgound.

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  1. My want for a pedicure right now is strong, I just HATE getting one in the rain, not to mention the crazy low, Dallas, temps right now!

  2. Great list - I really want to get a pedicure and I'm honored that you added my Summer Ready Playlist to your roundup!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster