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Things to do on Sunday for a smooth Week

This post is inspired by Blair over at Blair Blogs, you should definitely check out her original post here. I'm doing something similar and will include a lot of what she went over, but more geared towards college. 

We can get so busy over the weekend or, quite honestly, just want to veg out after a long week of school and work. Anytime I have a low key weekend I plan to get a bunch of stuff done but end up just relaxing (or blogging). So when Monday morning rolls around it's easy to feel behind on everything.

If you do these 10 things over the weekend, you'll have a significantly better week during school. Yes, a lot of it is the boring stuff, but the few hours it takes you to get through this list will save you a dump truck of head ache during the weekdays.

Clean your Dorm/Apartment

There are some weekends I sorta half-ass clean the bathroom or avoid dishes until we're washing plates as we need them. But when the apartment is looking extra grimey, my boyfriend and I will both do the full chabang. This includes scrubbing the tub and toilet, dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. 

If you don't have time for all that, then at least wipe your bathroom counters down, do all the dishes, get rid of any trash, and tidy up your main living space. This will be enough to make sure things aren't getting in the way during the week(end). On a low-key weekend you could do this all on Friday so you get to enjoy a clean apartment all weekend. Most of the time this ends up happening on Sundays in my household though.

Do laundry & Plan outfits

I try to only do one load of laundry during the week when my basket is full. Other than that, most of my laundry, including my sheets get washed on the weekend. I use to never wash my sheets but there's something insanely satisfying about crawling into a freshly washed bed.

I use to lay out my clothes for the entire week, including accessories with the hopes of saving time in the morning. This never really worked out though because I wouldn't feel like wearing a certain outfit, or the weather didn't permit. Instead, I've developed a capsule wardrobe where I own fewer clothes that I really enjoy wearing. This means it's easier for me to choose an outfit from my closet. If you're interested in a post about my capsule wardrobe, be sure to comment and let me know.

Plan Meals & Restock Food

Planning out your meals for the week means you're more likely to cook and eat at home which saves you money. I really enjoy cooking, so I always try out new recipes, but some kind day of the week system would work too. The concept is something along the lines of Mexican food on Mondays, pasta on Tuesdays and so on. I also always plan out lunches, normally leftovers, and snacks too.

It's also important to restock things you use frequently during the week like snacks and coffee. My boyfriend and I use Amazon Fresh to get groceries delivered so we don't have to fight the Sunday grocery store traffic. I limit myself to a case of la croix a every other week though cuz it gets expensive. 

Study a tiny Bit

I'm in a Spanish class this semester with a lot of vocab and taking two days off of studying can really hinder my progress. Spend at least 30 minutes glancing at your work. You don't have to make serious studying strides, just keep the information fresh until your next study session.

This can be really casual studying or even as little as flipping back through class notes with a highlighter. I like to flip through my flash cards once and read over my class notes, in addition to any homework I have. This gives you a little more confidence walking into class on Monday morning.

Check Blackboard & Your Planner

Or whatever platform your school uses for announcements and grades. I forgot to check my online announcements last weekend and I forgot about a  quiz, so that was terrible. Checking your online platform gives you a good idea for what your coming week will look like. 

 I try not to study too much on the weekends, but by keeping an eye on your planner lets you know if you're on track for upcoming exams and stuff. Knowing you've got a busy week ahead mentally prepares you and makes it seem more manageable. 

Do something you enjoy

Ok this sounds obvious, because of course you should do something fun during the weekend. But do something that doesn't require a screen. This will help you really unwind and keep a level head. I like to read a little, run when the weather's not too hot, or take my nephews to do something.

Clean out your backpack or purse

I swear I'm an organized person, but I just can't keep my backpack clean. Somehow little bits of trash find their way into our daily bags. and un-filed papers have a way of folding themselves up under all my books. Trash the trash, put papers where they're suppose to go, and for goodness sake shake out the crumbs from the crackers you were sneaking during class.

If it gets really bad toss your backpack into the washer with some shout on any stains. While you're at it take out any extra supplies you're not using. For example I was carrying around a 14" triangle set that I had needed in a previous class in my laptop sleeve. Do you really need to carry extra pens, all your colored highlighters, a notebook for each class and such? Save the weight and space by keeping your supplies minimal.


A little foresight on Sunday can help keep you level headed and feeling confident about the entire week. Keeping up with everything on your plate and making time for yourself can be hard, and little things going right is one way to keep you sharp for the things that matter.

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  1. Very useful post! I also like to do my grocery shopping once a week along with laundry, but had never really thought of prepping all of my flash cards/study materials (I'm that person that usually does things as they come in). Thanks for sharing!