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Things to do on Sunday for a smooth Week

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     Ok so this post is inspired by Blair over at Blair Blogs, you should definitely check out her original post here. I'm doing something similar and will include a lot of what she went over, but more geared towards my college ladies.

    Basically, if you do these 10 things over the weekend, you'll have a significantly better week during school. Yes, a lot of it is the boring stuff, but the few hours it takes you to get through this list will save you a dump truck of head ache during the weekdays.

1. Clean your Dorm/Apartment - This includes wiping down your bathroom counters and mirrors, washing your sheets, taking out your trash. You'd be amazed how fast these things can get out of hand during the week, having your apartment clean means you don't have to worry about it during the week.

2. Do laundry, then lay out your clothes - I try to only do one load of laundry during the week when my basket is full. Other than that, most of my laundry, including my delicates and sheets get washed on the weekend. After I make sure everything is clean, I like to lay out my clothes for the entire week, including accessories. This cuts down on trying on different things in the morning.

3. Restock - I hate having to go the grocery store during the week. Instead I try to plan out dinners, then go shopping once a week. I always restock on granola bars, fruit and other stuff I normally eat for breakfast too.

4. Make your flash cards - I don't think I could get through college without flashcards, but making them is such a chore. Normally I'll make flashcards while watching TV or something because it takes very little mental capacity. I never want to study my flashcards right after I make them either, so by making them ahead I get to relax knowing my study materials are already ready for me.

5. Check your Syllabi - I forgot to do this last weekend and I forgot about a  quiz, so that was terrible. I try not to study too much on the weekends, but by keeping up with your syllabi, you can know if you're on track for upcoming exams and stuff.

6. Do something you enjoy - People ask how I have time to work two jobs, go to school, and run a blog. My blog is my hobby, and it's pretty much what I do all weekend when I'm not out with friends. Doing something you enjoy during the weekend keeps you in a creative state of mind throughout the week.

7. Clean out your backpack or purse - I swear I'm an organized person, but I just can't keep my backpack clean. If I don't clean out my backpack at least once a week it gets a good pound heavier with all the junk I collect. Trash the trash, put papers where they're suppose to go, and for goodness sake shake out the crumbs from the crackers you were sneaking during class.

8. Spend time with your family - I go to school in my home town, so I get to see my parents a lot. If you moved away for college, face time your mom. Be a good daughter or son, a 15 minute face time or skype conversation will make your parent's week.

9. Get some sleep - Don't stay up until four in the morning reading or on pinterest. You're essentially giving yourself jet lag when you mess up your sleep schedule on the weekends.

10. Wash your car- I commute about 30 minutes to campus each morning, so I spend a lot of time in my car. Just like my backpack my car always starts to get trashed by the end of the week. I live next to a car wash, so I always try to wash my car during the week, especially with the pollen on everything recently. I also vacuum and clean everything out because I always feel a little more sane when my car is clean.

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  1. Very useful post! I also like to do my grocery shopping once a week along with laundry, but had never really thought of prepping all of my flash cards/study materials (I'm that person that usually does things as they come in). Thanks for sharing!