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How to have a perfect morning

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     Sometimes (when I'm thinking very highly of myself) I call myself a morning person. In high school, classes started at 7:30, meaning you had to get up around 6 to even have a hope of looking decent (which most of the time I didn't.) In college I'm doing good to wake up around 8 to get some studying in before my first class at 10. But despite my later schedule, I still find myself rushing in the morning which makes me forget things, which makes the start to my day a little exhausting.

     Anyway, Madison over at MaddyKake and I have been brewing up a recipe for the perfect morning, the kind of morning where you aren't late, actually get coffee in, and for some strange reason get some studying done.

The night before:
  • Lay out your outfit for the next day - Include everything you’ll wear like jewelry and shoes so there’s no risk of forgetting something.
  • Pack your purse/backpack and lunchbox for the following day - Check your planner or schedule to make sure you aren’t forgetting things like calculators or textbooks for specific classes.
  • Only set one alarm - Setting a bunch of alarms on your phone might seem like the best way to get you up in the morning, but you’re more likely to to hit the snooze or turn if off if you know you have another alarm coming. Get a regular alarm clock from target and put it on the far side of the room. You’ll be forced to get out of bed to silence the thing.
  • Shower at night - There’s no way to get out of the door in 30 minutes if you plan on showering in the morning. After you shower, put some product in your hair, so in the morning all you’ll need is a quick run through with a brush.

The morning of :
  • Check your phone for any messages that may alter your schedule. Sometimes a teacher will ask you to bring a textbook or laptop to class at the last minute.
  • Make your bed. Start your day with organization and tidiness so that you can end it organized and more comfortably.
  • Multitask while getting dressed. Try to create a routine so that this uses the minimum amount of time. Make sure there is no idle time while waiting for the straightener to heat up or your moisturizer to dry. Always be busy!
  • Check your planner. A planner is an essential part of staying organized. By checking your planner in the morning, you have a last line of defense against assignments or homework you may have forgotten.

On the commute:
  • Eat breakfast. It’s so hard to make time for a real breakfast when you’re in a rush so bring a snack that you can eat while waiting for the bus. Breakfast replacement meals, granola bars, and fruit are a quick things that will fill you up, oh and coffee of course.
  • Put on any extra makeup you forgot. This time can be perfect for applying lipstick or mascara and your visor mirror comes in handy. Be sure to keep extra travel sized necessities (like deodorant or lipstick) in your backpack or car in case you forget in a rush.
  • Study a little. Take out your notes or flashcards to get a few minutes of work done on the bus or waiting for class to begin. This is a big help on test days, but studying a little every day will mean you have less work before a big test. Check out my post here about how to study flashcards.
  • Listen to an audiobook. Whether you’re driving, walking or taking a bus to campus, audiobooks are a great way to sneak in a few minutes of reading for pleasure.

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  1. I love this post! These tips always help me get to school on time :)

  2. Awesome tips! They really make a perfect morning :)