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Conference style

     I'm one of those nerds who loves conferences, I love meeting people and talking about what I love to do. I've only been to journalism conferences, but there's an alphabet soup of different programs, SPJ, EWA, ILPC and on and on.  This week I'm heading to The Texas Intercollegiate Press Association conference in San Antonio with The Shorthorn.

     Dress code is business casual, so I've whipped up a couple of looks I plan on bringing with me. I wanted outfits that were versatile enough for both the humid riverwalk area and the freezing conference rooms in the hotel, yet nice enough to look professional.

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     I'm really excited to get to meet other student journalists this week, anyone going to TIPA or have tips for attending conferences?

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  1. Have fun!
    I went to college in San Antonio.
    It's a fun city :)
    I love attending conferences as well.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

    1. Thanks girl! Got back Saturday, the river walk was gorgeous!

  2. I love going to conferences as well. I think it's totally corny, but I too love meeting people from all over the state or country! Your wardrobe looks perfect for business casual!


    1. Thanks! My outfits ended up being too dressy! I forgot to pack for going out in the evening but it was a fun trip.