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Spring Wardrobe Favorite

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     I'm so excited for the weather to finally start warming up. Last weekend I pulled all my summer clothes out of hibernation, needless to say I spent all last week in shorts. My wardrobe is normally monochromatic during the winter. For spring I have a weakness for colored bottoms, and we've been getting tons of spring colored pants and shorts so it's been difficult to contain myself. Both my shorts and capris were from last season, but these shorts and these pants are really similar. My first outfit is really casual, but add some pearls, a watch and some dressy flats or wedges and it's work ready.

Forever 21, wardrobe, LOFT, fashion, spring

Forever 21, spring, wardrobe, work, college,

     This outfit is a little more refined. I got the top final sale at Ann Taylor outlet for $10. I've really been loving the two-in-one tops. This one has an attached white collar and sleeves. During the winter I'd layer this type of thing by hand, and my outfits would get so bulky and hot. With the two-in-one tops I get the same dressy look without feeling uncomfortable.

Forever 21, Spring, Wardrobe, LOFT, work, college

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  1. I love the blue pants! They make a great alternative from plain ol' blue jeans. Way more vibrant!
    - Ana Luiza
    Evergreen Evergrey Everyday

  2. Cute outfits! Love the denim top!

    Lots of love,