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Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

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     The Martin by Andy Weir just might be the best spring break read for 2015. The book follows Mark Watney's attempt at survival on Mars after being left behind by his crew mates. Over all I gave this four out of five stars on good reads.

****Spoilers obviously****

     I'll go into what I liked about the book first. One of the cool things about this book is its technical lingo that Watney goes into explaining his survival. Watney has all kinds of technical problems thrown at him, and Weir does a good job of explaining those things to us. I felt a little smarter reading up on growing potatoes in a vacuums and how to fix regulators and habs and so on, but that doesn't mean I understood it all.

     Another awesome thing about the book was Watney's sense of humor. Sure he could be seen as cynical jerk, but I feel like Watney was just making the best of the situations at hand. I'll admit some of the puns and jokes were bad (space pirate? Really?), but they were entertaining none the less. These light hearted jokes make the book a good spring break read, over all there's tons of action, it's funny, and plausible (at least it seemed that way to me).

     One of my favorite parts of the book is Watney's relationship with his fellow crew mates. I sort of wish we would have gotten to see that relationship before he's left behind.

    Now what I didn't like about the book, the characters were all a little shallow. We follow Watney's entrys for over a year but I still feel like we don't know who he is as a person. Honestly I feel like we know more about his crew mates from their Agatha Christie novels and 70's music than we do about Watney. There are very few parts where Watney basically brakes down (as I imagine myself doing) because of his situation. Very little is mentioned about his family except for the fact that they're from Chicago, and they hug a NASA representative when he's safe. Once he's safe, I have no clue how Watney has grown from his experiences (except for that last monologue about him realizing not everyone is a jerk).

****End Spoilers****
     Overall it was a really entertaining read. The book is action packed, funny, and leaves you with a warm feeling about humanity. It's not a novel you'd write a thesis on or put on a list of literary classics, but it is an easy read that will get you back in the habit of reading for pleasure.

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