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Review: It Follows (almost no spoilers)

     My boyfriend and I coughed up $20 to see this movie at AMC instead of our usual $5 groupon spot. This film has won many best film awards on the festival circuit, and I (not that I consider myself a huge movie buff) couldn't agree more. The movie follows 19 year old Jay who gets arguably the worst STD of all time, the kind that sends urinating strippers, insanely tall guys, your dead dad, or any other terrifying person after you.

     Side note: I have never been carded to get into a Rated R film, I generally look WAY older than my age so I was a little shocked the guy though I was under 17.

     The gist of the story line is Jay get's a sexually transmitted stalker that takes the form of a person who slowly walks towards its victim. The opening scene is likely one of my most favorite because you see a teenage girl bust out of her house running full speed in six inch heels, which I find terrifying in itself. The only way to get rid of your zombie like follower is to pass it on by sleeping with someone else. 

    Side note: I'm quite certain the whole story behind the movie is an absence scare tactic.

     I loved close to every minute of this film. The eerie 8-bit synthesizer just might be one of the scariest soundtracks I've seen in a long while. The whole film has a dream-like vibe similar to that of Drive. A lot of other reviews compare it to a classic '80s horror film, but I haven't seen many of em, so I couldn't say.

     I will admit there are very few terrifying moments in the film, but like many great horror films the build up is often the scariest part. However I wouldn't say there's a good balance between buildup and payoff. Films like the Insidious series are more my flavor of horror, the shock and awe factor.

     The composition of the film was amazingly artful, almost every scene was screenshot worthy. I will admit the quality was a little subpar; the film became noticeably blurry during scenes with heavy movement, which really took away from the overall beauty of the film.

     One of the characters in the movie has an '60s shell compact/e-reader, that was insanely cool. Needless to say as soon as I got home I went looking for it online. Turns out the director literally put it in there just to confuse people. Lame.

     Overall I really enjoyed It Follows. It's story line is a little weak and there aren't many in your face scary moments. But the artful composition, slightly twisted love story, and retro soundtrack make the film definitely worth the $20.

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