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Knowing when to call it quits

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     It can be hard figuring out when you need to quit something big like a job, or a relationship. I'm the type of person to stick it out and see if things will get better in time. However, I'm starting to realize there's a time when you can only put in so much work and you should just move on.
     Here are three signs that it's time to call it quits.

     1. You aren't learning or growing anymore - I'm going to use an example of a job for this post, because it's something I can relate to a little more. At this age and time in our career, we take on jobs, internships or volunteer opportunities we do it for the experience. It feels pointless to spend time in a job or relationship when you aren't getting anything out of it. But wait Hannah-Beth isn't that insanely selfish. Thanks for asking other me. No, it's not selfish to think of yourself when considering a job or relationship. You are 1/2 of a relationship and you're the one spending 20+ hours of your time in a job. While it is selfish to only consider yourself when making some decisions you're the one in the relationship and you're the one working the job.

     2. You dread it - If you take the time to intentionally avoid going to work, then it's probably time to cut the chord. If you're avoiding checking on something, then it's also probably a sign you should, same thing applies to deciding to quit a job or end a relationship. If your job is causing you so much angst or stress you need to quit. You might not think it, but you not wanting to do something is a legitimate reason for you to quit. 

     3. Your life would be better without it - If your job is causing you an insane amount of stress because of the work hours it may be time to call it quits. If a job or relationship is having negative effects of your physical or mental health it's way past time to call it quits. Think of your situation objectively as possible, in most instances, ending the job or relationship wouldn't change your entire life. Sure finding a new job is change but in the end the work required to quit your job will be well worth it if your sanity is at stake.

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