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An Introvert's Spring Break bucket list

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     Spring break starts today and I have made very little to no plans for the week. I'm definitely an introvert, I'm just really good at hiding it. Anyway, I started thinking about what I'd be doing next week and came up with a quick list of stuff. Writing it down I realized how nerdy I really am, but I've decided it can't be helped.

1. Finish reading 4 books - normally I'll try and read 4 books per month, but the extra time from school will give me plenty of reading time. You can check out what I'm currently reading on my GoodReads, and also check out my Ultimate College reading list.

2. Learn a new recipe - I'm not a terrible cook, but only because my dad taught me some basics and I can follow a recipe. I want to try something fancy and delicious, like these or these. I've even been considering getting an adorable (but slightly unnecessary) apron like this one.

3. Pamper myself - Sometimes I'm so busy I forget to take care of myself, I mean like I always make time to shower, gross. I mean like taking a real spa day, do my own nails, use some expensive Lush bath bomb I drove an hour to Dallas for, the whole nine yards. Once classes start I'm not going to have time for a weekly soak, scrub, buff and shine.

4. Finish a project - I bought a rubik's cube a little while ago. When I was around 12 my dad bought me one after we visited my cousin. She could/can solve a rubik's cube in two minutes flat...not that I was/am jealous or anything. Anyway, I recently got one myself and haven't memorized how to solve it all the way yet.

5. Watch Grey's Anatomy - I always want to change my major a little after a Grey's Anatomy binge. I've realized I'm way too squeamish for anything in the medical field though.

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