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5 Things to do before spring break is over

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     I'll admit I was insanely less productive over spring break than I had hoped to be. But that's ok! Today I'm organizing myself to keep up with my classes, extracurriculars and everything else I'm involved with. I've come up with a little check list for myself of things to do before the Monday after Spring Break.

1. Get your sleeping schedule back on track - When I was in high school I'd spend the summers waking up around 2 in the afternoon and staying up until all hours in the morning. After my week off from morning obligations, I've noticed my sleeping schedule has slipped a little. I'm talking waking up around 10:30, no where near 2 p.m. But still this sleeping schedule isn't going to be doing me any favors next week for my morning classes and meetings. I've started taking melatonin around 9 p.m. to help me feel drowsy at a normal bed time. I like melatonin because it's all natural and non-habit forming. It's made to combat jet lag, which when you're staying up late is basically what you're doing to your body. Melatonin won't completely knock you out, but it will help you turn off your ipad for a few more hours of shut eye.

2. Clean out your purse and backpack- I like to think of myself as a generally tidy person. However, over time I do start accumulating things in my purse and backpack. Start by dumping everything from your bag, including the side pockets and zippers. Then toss, organize and pack your things again accordingly. You'll start the second half of the semester with a little clearer mind knowing you haven't lost your favorite exam pen or that pack of scantrons you got a few months ago.

3. Liven up your wardrobe - A little spring cleaning goes a long way, especially in your wardrobe. I spent an afternoon sorting through all my clothes. I decided to sell the things I was waiting to lose weight to get into and organized everything. I also took the time to organize and catalog my wardrobe into an app called Stylebook. I like the app because I can snap pictures of my clothes and make polyvore-like outfits that I can easily log. I've also been planning my outfits for the week on Sunday nights, so it's really easy logging everything once and being done. Since I've started using the app I've found new ways to wear the clothes I already own and noticed some holes my wardrobe was missing.

4. Double check your Syllabi - I'm in the middle of switching planners so I was doing this anyway. But take some time to go over your syllabi. This will help you keep up with any projects you should have been working on or readings that you still have time to catch up with. My midterms are right after spring break, so because I double checked my syllabi I'm creating a study plan to blow my midterms out of the water.

5. Revisit your goals - Spring break is near the middle of the semester, so it's a great time to reflect on your goals. How far have you come? What else could you be doing? and so on. Check out my post here about how to get on track towards your goals. 

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