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Saturdays are for...

Let's ignore for a moment that it's Valentines day, I'm a troll and I dislike holidays that aren't all about eating (I'm looking at you Thanksgiving). 

Saturdays are for...

1. Sleeping in - Only til 9, I promise. If I'm asleep any longer than that I feel like I've completely wasted my morning.

2. A lot of studying - I'm normally pretty good about studying during the week, but when my to do list slips by me I use Saturdays to play catchup. 

3. Planning my entire life - I got my Passion Planner in the mail on Friday and I've spent my study breaks filling it in with my goals and schedules. I'm kinda a planner whore, I have a lot of trouble sticking to one. We'll see how this one goes and I'll give ya an update. 

4. Laundry- and lots of it

5. Experimenting - A solid portion of my weekend consists of trying out new hairstyles from Pinterest or baking really weird sounding foods. Let's just say it doesn't always turn out so well...

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