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Find time for Reading for Pleasure in College

I grew up with a love of reading, but soon as I hit college I felt like my free time completely dissipated the minute I stepped on campus. Reading for pleasure in college is totally possible, you just have to be smart about your time.

For me, reading is a way to relax and unwind. Sure I come home and scroll through Pinterest, but there's something different about picking up a good book and vegging out. It's soooo important that we don't lose our love of reading, so today I'm sharing tips for how I make time to read for pleasure in college.

Get a Kindle

Not one of those with apps and is basically a glorified iPad. I'm talking about a very basic, for-reading-only kind of kindle. My current one is the Kindle Paperwhite which I love and have had for years. E-Readers are great because there are tons of books for cheap or free, especially the classics, and you can carry around tons of books at the same time which helps you switch between books if you're not feeling your current read.

If you have a prime account be sure to check out Kindle First and Prime Reading. They're great ways to get newer books for free/cheap on your kindle.

p.s. Check out my post here on how to read more without spending a ton.

Read in your 'lost' time

Fill those few minutes between classes or while waiting in line at Starbucks with a smidge of reading.  Replace the time you scroll through Twitter or Instagram with reading instead. This is especially helpful if you're reading a non-fiction, because you can read a few paragraphs without being completely lost.

Master the art of walking and reading around campus, just be extra careful around stairs. Now, I only do this when I'm not studying flashcards or something for class, but on slow weeks I consume books in two-minute chunks.

Audiobooks on your Commute

If you commute to class definitely consider getting some audio books. For example, I drive about 30 minutes per day to school and back. That's five hours per week I'm intellectually loafing around that I could spend learning about how to lean in or whatever.

An audible subscription is one option, which I use and love, but if it's not in your budget then look into your city's library. Many have online databases of audiobooks you can listen to for free, but you may have to download a different app.

Read before bed

I read all my classic books at night, not because they're boring, but because may or may not put me to sleep. Again I use my Kindle for this because it has an adjustable backlight and I can read in the dark while my boyfriend is asleep.

 A lot of times for really long books I put it away for too long and forget the story, so it sits half read on my shelf forever. Even if I only get through a page or two, a tiny bit of daily reading keeps me interested in the book and encourages me to keep going with it.

Join a book Club

Having some sort of accountability about reading is another great way to keep yourself motivated to read more. My book club only meets every other month, and always choose something that has a movie or TV show. That way if you don't read the book you can still come and have something to talk about.

Your public or school libraries may have book clubs, but if they're too high maintenance about it start one on your own with a few friends. My book club is mainly an excuse to hang out and drink mimosas and maybe read a book. But the intention is what matters here.


Your love of reading doesn't have to stop when you start college. Being a book worm is possible with all your school work and other obligations, you just have to be smart with your time. What other tips do you have fore making time to read ?

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