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How I find time for Reading in College

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1. Get a Kindle - Not one of those with apps and is basically a glorified iPad. I'm talking about a very basic, for-reading-only kind of kindle or other reading device. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I've owned three kindles so far since they've come out. My current one is the Kindle Paperwhite which I love and have had for years. But there's an even cheaper version of the Kindle made that's only $79. E-Readers are great because there are tons of books for cheap or free, especially the classics, and you can carry around tons of books at the same time which helps you with...

2. Read in your 'lost' time - I consider lost time the few minutes between classes or while waiting in line at Starbucks, i.e. time you wouldn't recognize you had lost. Replace the time you scroll through twitter or instagram with reading instead. Also, I've pretty much mastered the art of walking and reading around campus... stairs are a different story. Now, I only do this when I'm not studying flashcards or something for class, but on slow weeks I consume books in two-minute chunks.

3. Audiobooks are your friend - I drive about 30 minutes per day to school and back. That's five hours per week I'm intellectually doing nothing. I've been using CD's from the Library but a lot of times they're scratched so I never get to finish. I'm going to start looking into audio books for my phone, we'll see how that goes.

4. Read before bed - I read all my classic books at night, not because they're boring, but because may or may not put me to sleep. Again I use my Kindle for this because it has an adjustable backlight and I can read in the dark while my boyfriend is asleep.

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